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There is a famous proverb whichis “give me liberty or give me death”. Liberty, in another word, it means”freedom”. Before I watched the film “Brave heart”, my understanding of freedomwas very simple. I just thought as long as people could have a full stomach, aslong as they could obey the will of rulers, they could also have a happy life.However, there are always some people who don?t likeit. They don’t want to be slaves.

So, they rose in revolt to obtain freedombecause they believe firmly it belongs to everyone and nobody can take it awayexcept the god. The hero of this film is called William Wallace. He is thegreat leader of Scotland. He led Scottish fight with English in order to obtainfreedom.

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  The most touching and affecting scene is that at the last moment of hislife, enduring inconceivable torture, William Wallace exhausts himself to shoutout: “Freedom!” to the boundless sky and the people. At the gate of paradise,his beloved wife—Murron is waiting for his coming. His brave heart winseverything, including the heart of Murron, the most elegant heart of Princessof England (played by Sophie Marceau) and the countless people’s hearts.Through the dignified ablution of blood, all the burden and hardship arereleased from his respectable and noble soul. Supported and encouraged byWilliam Wallace’s eternal spirit, at the great expense of countless preciouslives, Scotland wins her freedom.

   People who have seen this filmwill never forget when William Wallace’s strong voice “Freedom!” echoes inminds of the entire human race; the sky of Scotland emerges in our eyes. Awonderful movie can hit people’s hearts, however this time, not with beautifulscenes or gorgeous actors and actress, but with the pursuit of love and freedomin people’s hearts.In times of anguish, we can find solace in art. A great moviecan always offer you some kind of power to face your own problem. And this onedid a good job. It brings us a tough hero, William Wallace?leader of the Scottishresistance forces against England”s rule. Although he is dead at last, hisspirit had led his people to fight and get freedom.

This meaningful work hastouched so many hearts by its significance theme and content.   The theme of this work can mainly be seenover the growing image of William Wallace. First, we see his childhood. Hisfather was killed by the English intruder, which may definitely leave a scar onhis heart. With this great hatred, when he saw his wife killed by the enemies,everything stuck deep down his heart was released all of a sudden withmagnificent power.

So, in the fighting scene, we see a warrior dared his lifewaving the sword. It is a common wonder where his courage is from. Let’s say,if it is an ordinary person, who lost his parents since he’s very young, he maynot have the conviction to grow up as a hero. However, heroes are as heroesare.

   Wallace’s revolutionwas significant, seen from many aspects, with great obstacles from hiscountrymen, as well as enemies. Many Scottish nobility lent himonly reluctant support, as they mostly care more about wealth and titles thanthe freedom of wealth. Scottish leaders are in favor of opposing or notopposing British bribery. In contrast, Wallace is an honorable, non-profane,just person. He was labeled “Guardian and High Protector ofScotland,” but his move against British king Edward I against the Scottishnobles was surprised to find Robert, a leading Scottish betrayal of Earl ofBruce, who confessed to him “People will follow you if you can only leadthem.” Sophie Marceau, as elegant as France’s distressed princessIsabella, eventually fell in love with Wallace, warning He several traps.

Catherine McCormack is an idiot who lit the Wallace revolution. PatrickMcGoohan is as cold, cruel and cruel as the Ruthless Edward I. This king isstill the incarnation of evil. Although Angus McFadyen is a nobility who has aconnection between conscience and political will, Brendan Gleeson calls forstrength and humor to play a strong role The Hamish character, David O”Hara, is very effective as a crazy Irish, and proud of the job, even inthe tensest moments, as a daring movie .

.. Gibson enthusiastically demonstratedthe most impressive war (no movie yet) and it is exciting that his passion andexcess make the movie even more incredible. Horror and useless group handbattles are exciting and It’s repugnant, it’s epic filmmaking, and it’sbrilliant of the best, the film focuses on the Wallace side and is one that’sso huge, so smart, so passionate, exploring honor and nobility Define and pushus to follow the heroes in the struggle against injustice and oppression. Andthis is the power of a hero.

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