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There are numerous tactics that occur mainly during the play, but we will just go over a few. One tactic for a defender is called the numb and run technique. This is where the corner will get real close to the receiver before the snap, and as soon as the ball is snapped they give them just a little numb, or grab them just a tiny bit. This is to throw off the timing of the routes. Although it may not seem that much it is a tactic that is a must know to those in professional football. Another tactic is only for the offense. It is called a “hard count” this is when the quarterback changes the timing of the snap, so the defense can’t predict when the play will start. The quarterback may call fake hikes to try and make the defense think the ball is snapped and thus have them jump offsides and as a result gives the offense extra yards, which will help them to score.

This is not done most of the time, only when the offense needs a few yards for a first down, or when they are trying to gain extra yards. This is one of the basics to an offense, and it surprisingly works at times. One last useful tactic is primarily done by the receiver. It is called a double-move. Now this is done primarily during the play and the whole point of it, is to convince the corner that he is heading one way, and then he quickly changes direction.

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This is to create space between him and the corner, thus giving a higher probability that the receiver will catch the ball. To be done correctly, correct footwork must be involved. The receiver must convincingly seem to be going one direction at a good speed, and suddenly change directions without slowing down.

This helps to create opportunities for a big play to happen. In fact most scouts for football look for this in receivers when deciding whether to draft them or not. One last important aspect of football is schemes, which deals with the more mental and strategic aspect.

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