There not universal, ecology and its promises, youth,

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Last updated: September 17, 2019

There was dynamism and hope, slogans and battles.There was a first victory, which nourished our minds with colourful hopes.There were Bercy and Le Havre, Carmaux and the Republic,So many glorious, epic and unforgettable moments.There were those who fought from the beginning and from the end, those who fought on the ground, those who fought with hashtag.

Those who wore flags at arm’s length and chanted slogans.And then there were betrayals. Those who waltzed in another camp. The support that goes away, the opinion polls that go down and the pressure of useful voting. All this has made the speech inaudible and the words vain.

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Except for those who believed and still do.Yet there was also a great man. A great politician and a great speaker, no matter what some people say. There was a strong, strong, built and most relevant program in the entire campaign. There was this irrepressible desire to change the world, to make it more beautiful and stronger. There was this famous income for which enthusiasm was unfortunately not universal, ecology and its promises, youth, my own, reaching out.And then there was the final score.

But again, those who really believed in it did not give up. They didn’t let a single number sweep away all their hopes.And now there’s us.And them. The others. Those who didn’t believe it.I’m not going to ask why they don’t believe it, why they don’t believe it anymore.

Because I feel their willingness to be pragmatic, to take their quarters for later. They called it utopian, crystallized their criticisms on measures they did not even consider. They chose finance, the bourgeois gentleman and the reverse.Without even realizing that the future was hanging in their arms.

The future extended its arms to them, and they refused it. They denied it, neglected it, neglected it.He might get discouraged. We could get discouraged. Drop the slogans, forget about victories and battles.But that will not be the case. The rebirth is painful, tomorrow it will be fruitful.We won’t give up anything.

Tomorrow we’ll blockade, and on Monday we’ll rebuild.For those battles that deserve to be over,For this future that should not be imposed on us,For those who are skeptical today but will believe in it tomorrow,For those who are not yet born but already desire a better world.We will create it, the best of all worlds. And besides, he is already here, he was already there, hidden under a ballot paper. In one gesture, they could have chosen him.But the problem with this world is that it arrived early.

Like a premature baby.He’s here, but they don’t listen to him. They only see appearances without daring to dig deeper into them. Our better world exists, but it is too early for some to notice.What will we have to wait? That today’s world is worn out to the core so that ours can get on stage? No.

No. Never. Because the fight begins now.By preventing sharp blondes from plunging us into hatred and withdrawal,Avoiding scattering ourselves, because our better world must be united.

By rebirth, gradually, by rebuilding even bigger.And if they still don’t want to believe it, let them tell us. Let them tell us once we are wrong, so that we can prove to them a thousand times that we are right.Because his only flaw is being a visionary. Predicting everything, but too soon.

But we will fight. Tomorrow and until the end.Because we have rabies in our stomachs and a world ahead of us.

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