There That is the study of society that

            There are three ways to do sociological
research. One way is positivist sociology, which is the study of society based
on scientific observation of social behavior. Positivist research discovers
facts through the use of science. Science is a logical system that develops knowledge
from direct, systematic observation. Positivist sociology is sometimes called empirical
sociology because it is based on information that we can verify with our five
senses. Another type of research people can do is interpretive sociology. That
is the study of society that focuses on discovering the meanings people attach
to their social world. The last type of research is, critical sociology, which
is the study of society that focuses on the need for social change.

            The three of them differ in many
ways, but I think the most useful way to do sociological research is interpretive
sociology. The reason I think this is because in reality society is an ongoing
interaction, and people construct reality as they connect meanings to their
behavior. It does not reject science completely, but it does not change the
focus of research. Interpretive research focuses on people’s understanding of
their action’s and their surroundings. Interpretive sociology counters that
reality is subjective, in other words, constructed by people in the course of
their everyday lives. It is most useful because it favors qualitative data, or
researchers’ perceptions of how people now days understand the world around
them. Qualitative data is data that shows your qualities. For example, the
softness of your skin, the color of your hair, or the color of your hair.

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            Interpretive sociology has a
symbolic-interaction approach, meaning that it is a framework for building
theory that sees society as the product of the everyday interactions of
individuals. As we define our surroundings, we create reality, including what
we think of others as well as what we think of ourselves.


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