There the fight against Hillary. Nobody believed that

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Last updated: April 27, 2019

 There was once a guy that called Donald, hehad a big dream like every American boy he would bet he president of America.

He is born in 1946 in New York and now since 20 January 2017 his dream becomereality! The fight was hard but Trump has won the fight against Hillary. Nobodybelieved that Trump would ever win the election but after a long and hardstruggle Trump’s childhood dream had become reality. Not everyone was equallyhappy with his victory, he hasn’t got a good reputation. He is working on a bigproject to place a wall between the US and Mexico, this has already caused manyproblems.Trumpand his familyTrump has a beautiful woman named Melania, heloves her very much. He has 3 childeren with his first wife Ivana, 2 sonsDonals JR and Eric and 1 daughter Ivanka. With his second wife Maria Maples hehas 1 daughter Tiffany. With his current wife Melania he became his 10 year oldson Barron.

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Donald JR is 39, Ivanka is 35, Eric is 33 and Tiffany is 23 yearsold. Despite the fact that Donald has been remarried twice already, I believethat this marriage is forever. I am sure that this is true love and I hope thatTrump will make many childeren with his wife Thesuccess of DonaldHow did he suddenly become so rich? He tried te follow in his fathers footsteps and he also chose the housing market. To become as rich as his father, he built houses for the low and middle incomes in manhatten.

It was a big risk to invest in real estate. He has very lucky, between 1973 and 2016, the prices of real estate in Manhatten increased enormously. He had made about 6000% profit.  Trump and Kim Jung UnTrump and his government are begging North-Korea for a nuclear war.

They see this as a good preparation for a real war break out. But according to the North Korean spokesperson, Trump is a disruption to world peace. Trump once made an Asian tour on goes to 5 countries and from than Trump was seen by Koreans as a warpoker. Trump and the RussiansAccording to the CIA, Russia helped Trump to win the US elections. According to the intelligence service, servers of both the democratic and republican party were hacked. In a report that has been released state that Putin has personally issued a warrant to influence the elections. With the aim of undermine the confidence of the Americans in democracy to make Hillary Clinton bad and to reduce her chance of presidency.

It has worked because Hillary didn’t won the elections. I hope you enjoyed it and that you have learned a bit more about Donald Trump the 45th president of America and my favorite president after Barak Obama.Keep reading a lot because that makes you smart!Greetings Jani Vermeir  

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