There they could cooperate together to explore the

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Last updated: May 21, 2019

There is a competition between a”Intelligent” player and multiple Texas professional players in China.

The protagonistof event is a software AI called Lengpudashi, which means “cold poker master”in Chinese. The result is all these players are beaten by this AI. In fact,Lengpudashi was made in U.S.

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A. It showed up in China because of the awakeningof government in China on artificial intelligence. China explored thetechnology of AI with plenty of money, not only on developing the industriesbut also on training people with AI talent. Currently, China’s political and businesssupposed these advanced AI technology although the technology position mayincrease the difference between high-income groups and low-income groups. Chinabelieved that the achievement of leading on top of the world by processing AIdevelopment in one decade only. To be able to achieve that, some Chinese Internetcompanies started the cooperation with foreign Internet companies outside of China.

An Chinese AI expert, Kai-Fu Lee emphasizedin a speech in MIT that the US and Canada owned lots of best AI researcherswhile China only owned few, but they could cooperate together to explore thealgorithm and data. China had a huge potential opportunities to lead in the world.By the time of AlphaGo competed with multiple Go players, the engineers in hisresearch’s team started to examine the matches. That means every person gottraining on AI technology.In addition, AI is everywhere inChina. A restaurant in Beijing had an AI technology of recognizing a customer’shealth condition by taking his or her picture and recommending healthy andsuitable food. SenseTime also explored a newtechnology on image processing.

This technology can automatically remove any smogand rain from a picture and track any motions by a single camera.An other example was Baidu’s AI. Mr.Ng, an AI expert in Baidu research department, recognized the evolution of AI. Chinahad to caught up otherwise they are behind.

So they raised up the developmentof business and education in order to anticipate the potentials.Tencent had led the technology in Chinasince the last Century. The creation of WeChat changed the stage of socialnetwork application in the world including news, games and WeChat payment. The researchLab of Tencent hired multiple technic expect from oversea. Furthermore, Tencentmonopolized the market in China on everything so far, not only dealing withamount of data but also machine-learning system on analyzing.Overall, Western countries were afraidof the new raising opponent China because of the rapid development of AI. Infact, they are in the wrong view.

The cooperation between China and Western countriesmust enhance the growth of AI, like the competition of Texas, having the opportunityof learning AI technology and following China.

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