There to be in the very excellent condition

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Last updated: August 23, 2019

Thereare many impacts rise as the outcome of the current sea and marine situationthat is quite worrisome. The Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of TheRepublic of Indonesia, Susi Pudjiastuti, said that Indonesia experienced lossesup to 300 trillion of rupiahs from IUU per year. We can see the first impactfrom the damage of our marine ecosystem.

A data presented by LIPI stated thatin 2017, only 6.39% of our coral reefs that suits to be in the very excellentcondition category, followed by 23.40% that suits to be called as excellent coral reefs condition, around35.06% included in the average condition category, and for 35.

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15% of our coralreefs condition belongs to poor category (LIPI, 2017).Thedamage that happens to our coral reefs is mostly caused by overfishing usingdestructive fishing tools such as modified trawls, poison, and explosive gears.The main reason fishers using those three fishing tools is to get as much fishas they can without thinking the consequences. A lot of small fishes that arenot supposed to be catch by human got carried away alon with the kinds offishes that are meant to be caught. Coral reefs are affected as well, and thisis a danger situation because coral reefs are the place for small fishes toreproduce and yet their habitat is gone due to human wrong doings.

Thiscauses the next impact, which is the depleting stocks of marine resourcesespecially fishes. Fishes are one of the sources of animal protein which isneeded for human’s lives. If overfishing action using destructive tools keepsgoing on, it is not impossible that we would run out of fishes sooner than we thought.If fishes and other edible marine animals are nowhere to be found, then fishermenwould eventually lose their jobs and become unemployement, and us as consumer willnever be able to eat seafoof and gain so many animal protein from them again.

Notjust that, our country’s economy would also get affected because we can’t exportfishery products because there isn’t any.Miningactivities also worsen the condition of our sea and marine resources along withplastic debris that polluted the sea. The spills from oil blocks the sunlight soit can goes through the surface of the sea and lighten the sea, because marine biotaalso needs sunshine to live.

Plastic debris also damaging our marine animals becausesome of them unaccidentally ingest the plastic and they become sick or evem worse,in some cases, some of them are dead due to the amoun of plastic debris inside theirbody. 

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