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   This paper introduce theEnvironmental Human Development Index (EHDI). It is organized as follow: in thesecond section, we will analyze the calculation of the HDI. In the thirdsection, we will discuss the greening of HDI. In the fourth section, we willprovide a preliminary analysis between the two components of EHDI: HDI and EPI.In the fifth section, we will explain methodology of calculation of EHDI andcomparison with HDI. Finally, in the sixth section we will discuss the level ofsustainability for regional groups, in light of Kyoto protocol participation.

Nowadays, it is heard more thanever that the world ‘s population must acquire a lifestyle where they live in asustainable way; this implies consuming the resources need to fulfill our needswithout jeopardizing the opportunity of the generations to come to satisfytheir own. It is important to have in mind that this refers to natural, social,and economic resources, as all three are important for the well being ofhumans. As a response to measure this, the United Nations starting using theHDI (Human Development Index) created by the Pakistani economist Mahbub Ul Haqin 1990, measure that takes into account the following factors: live expectancy,literacy level, and standard of living. (Business Dictionary, 2018). Even though, theHDI indicates a country ‘s general achievement in its economic and socialfields, and it is one of the most statistical tools used worldwide to see acountry ‘s well-being, it doesn’t precisely show the environmental status of acountry. Furthermore, as being aware of the environmental performance is anecessity in order to construct basis for efficient policymaking consideringnatural resources, the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) emerged to have anidea of a country ‘s environmental health. The EPI ranks how good countries perform on high-priorityenvironmental issues in two broad policy areas: protection of human health fromenvironmental harm and protection of ecosystems. (Yale University , 2018) .

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Under theseschemes as goals, the EPI scores countries results in 9 areas comprehended of20 indicators, which qualifies the approaches of countries towardsinternational established targets.         I.           Introduction                   ·      Keywords:  HDI AND EI.The following paper aims to discover if there is asignificant relationship between the HDI and EI.

What do humans in developedcountries to have a better Environemntal Index, and what happens is developingcpuntries to have a lower Environmental Index, Why a better Human developmentindex and environmental index means sustainability.  In order to do so, two developed countries andtwo developing countries  

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