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This essay examines how the Freedmen’s Bureau helped the former slaves in the 1800’s. A short description of how slavery worked at the time is briefly explained along the introduction of the paragraph. After introducing the subject and learning about slavery we can see the reasons behind the creation of the Freedmen’s Bureau and the different methods they used in order to help slaves.

There is also evidence proving the Bureau helped slaves by presenting the case of Houston Holloway.                        Borjas 3 Slavery was a huge issue in the united states around the 1800’s. Black people were forced to work on plantations and obey their “masters”, if they disobeyed they were tormented and treated like creatures. Slaves had extremely difficult lives and were inhumanly treated all around.

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Due to the fact that slaves were treated like property they were sold and traded. Families were separated and even aborted their children in order too keep them away from this horrible life. The slaves found hope with the 13th amendment; The 13th amendment abolished slavery in every part of the nation. This had positive and negative consequences on the slaves. Due to the lack of education they had it was difficult to find jobs and earn money. Luckily for them the Freedmen’s Bureau was established to help aid them in their time of need. After seeing all the troubles the slaves were having the Freedmen’s Bureau was organized. This was the first welfare agency organized to give food and medical care to these people living in the south.

This organization was also known as the United States Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands it was headed by Major General Oliver O. Howard. This man has a great vision for this agency and it ended up being one of the most powerful instruments of the reconstruction.  One prime example of a slave who was freed and and recalled what it felt like was Houston Holloway. He said “I felt like a bird out of a cage.

  Amen.  Amen.  I could hardly ask to feel any better than I did that day.” He felt relieved but at the same time he had a sad sentiment          Borjas  4because it would be difficult for him to get a job because of his bad education.

People like Houston and many other were part of the reason behind the creation of the Freedmen’s Bureau. The Freedmen’s Department comprised for the most part of five distinctive ways which helped help the dark and whites which were: Relief work for them in war stricken areas, regulation of black labor, justice brought in cases, ownership of property and education. Slaves look forward to getting educated the most because they were not able to learn.

The Bureau helped establish around 3000 schools to help with the education of slaves.Education for the slaves and free transportation in order to reunite families were some of the greatest accomplishments reached by the Bureau. We can conclude that the Freedmen’s Bureau was of great help to the slaves during the 1800’s. They had the initiative to help people like Houston get educated and many other slaves go through the hard times.

We can also see how there were people who cared for the slaves at a time were they were treated like animals by everybody. 

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