This has changed together with societies all over

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Last updated: December 21, 2019

This work sought to determine the characteristicphenomena of current theoretical and practical research in legal communication.Split into three parts, translators and their “new” role in legalcommunication, the current trends in law’s communication with the generalpublic and the role of technology were described and discussed. The inquiry has shown that translators have developedinto a “new breed” of legal agents: in their interdisciplinary roles, theyactively shape the process of lawmaking and carry a substantial amount ofresponsibility by not only engaging in cultural transfer but also creatinglegal realities across borders through translating as an act of communication. The mechanisms in which the law is used as a means ofcommunication with the general public have largely stayed the same, yet theirshape has changed together with societies all over the globe.

Moreover, theneed for simplification has been recognized: recently, there have been numerousendeavours in different parts of the world that have tested and promoted clearguidelines that serve to increase the law’s accessibility for laypeople.Lastly, technology’s impact on legal communication wasexamined with the example of videoconferencing in bilingual settings. It wasshown that although its approaches possess promising advantages, theirimplementation has proven to be very complex. Special emphasis was put on thelacking opportunities to interpret non-verbal communication, impeding thequality of interpretation. It was further shown that like in translation, theresponsibility is put on the interpreters as communication facilitators.

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Unfortunately, there are several fields that this workcould not shed light on. These are for example the role of English as linguafranca in legal communication, further theoretic inquiry regardingtranslatability in general, more detailed descriptions of the linguistic processesinvolved or deeper considerations regarding personality and emotionality inbilingual settings.   

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