“This her mind. It was all clear now.

Topic: Family Formation
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Last updated: August 20, 2019

 “This is it”, Susan thought to herself as she looked at the cliff, over which she stood and the sea below it.”I will jump from this cliff and put an end to my life.

There is no point in living without her. Without Emily.”Emily had died four days ago. She had been Susan’s best friend since grade 1. Emily was pretty, kind, friendly and she smiled a lot. She loved helping others.

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Everyone who met her adored her. Unfortunately, four days ago, Emily got herself in a brutal car accident when she was crossing a busy road to meet Susan.”She was just there” Susan thought to herself, “And then she wasn’t.” Warm tears rested against her cheek.Emily had big dreams and big goals but then, she was no longer there to carry out her plans.”She is dead”, more tears spilled down her cheek.

She started walking toward the edge of the cliff. The Sun was setting over the horizon. The sky was a blend of pink and orange. Everything was drenched in silence except the ever-splashing sea waves against the boulders of the cliff.Susan inhaled the salty sea air. “My last breath”, Susan thought.Susan was only an inch away from falling when a thought flashed her mind and she stopped, backing away.

“I’m doing this for Emily but would she really want this?”Emily was always optimistic. She never would have wanted this. She always advised Susan to be hopeful and make the best of her life.

“Ending my life like this would mean ignoring the teachings of my best friend. No, I can’t do this. I have to live. I have to live for Emily’s sake.”The sky had darkened by then.

The Sun had almost disappeared. Susan turned away from the cliff’s edge. The tempest of dark emotions ceased in her mind. It was all clear now.  Susan decided to move on, cherish the memories of Emily and achieve Emily’s dreams for her.There was no denying the fact that it was a loss. A kind of loss that leaves a vacant place in the pit of your heart. A loss that Susan would keep on feeling for the rest of her life.

Indeed, it was painful.But, “That’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt. -John Green”In no way, are we humans, weak enough to fail to overcome our losses. We can move on. Death is inevitable and so is pain that happily tags along. But that’s the whole point of being human. We feel bliss and we feel pain.

And we learn to accept all of it as a part of our life.

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