This I was little it’s amazing all the

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Last updated: December 20, 2019

This I believe..

.we need to stop polluting and destroying the earth.We as a society are slowly destroying the very planet that we live on by pollution, carbon admission, and more. Not only are we destroying the planet, but we are also depriving it of natural non-renewable resources that we have become extremely reliant on.The world is truly a beautiful place full of many amazing things.

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The amount of life that the world supports is incredible all the way from bacteria to humans. If you take the time even to just step out into nature you can see all the beauty with your own to eyes. There is amazing winding rivers, rivers, mountains, valleys, plateaus, rainforest, and much more.

Growing up one of my favorite things to do was to spend time out in the woods and enjoy nature with my friends. Running through the woods and enjoying  all the beautiful scenery. There is so much to see and explore. You can go out and you can feel like you are one with nature which makes you feel extraordinarily free. Looking back at when I was little it’s amazing all the incredible things we could make with what was around us. We didn’t need electronics or anything like it, just our two hands and our instincts. We would go along the creek and see the tadpoles, fish, and frogs.

We would make amazing things such as tipis and little cabins that we would hang out in.Without a planet to live on, water to drink, and air to breath we can’t survive. I believe that it in order to save our planet before it is to late it will take everyone’s help to save our planet.

Everyone can help out in one way or another. Whether it is something bigger like installing a form of renewable energy or something smaller like recycling we can all help out in one way or another.Even President Theodore Roosevelt stressed the importance of treating our natural resources in 1910. He said,” we must pass them on to the next generation improved — not impaired.”

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