This of 20 Nepalese humans living overseas had

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This chapter targets tointerpret statistics amassed through the survey questionnaire and privateinterview and analyses the outcomes collectively with the researched theories.It similarly summarizes the findings in keeping with the research targets.

MSExcel turned into used to process the statistics and illustrate the findingsthe usage of distinct charts and graphs.    5.1       Background  Primary facts seriesfor this research become private interview and on-line survey.

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Hence,questionnaires have been conceptualized on distinctive elements of buyingbehaviour of young consumers and have an impact on of social media andlife-style during their buy behaviour. The survey was despatched throughelectronic mail to shut pals and loved ones living in Nepal and throughnumerous famous Facebook organizations and pages to the targeted companies. Asthe survey was supposed for young clients dwelling in Nepal, it becamepublished in diverse Nepali Facebook pages with the age bar of 18-35 yearswhich incorporates college students, non-students, working college students andfull time people who presently lives in Nepal. 35   Total of 20 Nepalesehumans living overseas had been interviewed thru skype and head to head. Age ofinterviewee ranged from 21 to 35 which incorporates operating students and fulltime workers. The fundamental motive for interviewing this unique organizationis to acknowledge how residing wellknown contributes in choice making procedureof a purchaser. The questions about thesurvey have been designed in a simple format in which respondents shouldsolution easily. Almost all questions had been marked with a * which becameobligatory, except one.

The motive behind making 20 questions out of 21mandatory is to increase the percentage of legitimate sample information withthe aid of stopping object nonresponse (lacking solutions). In the followingsegment, survey shape is summarized and specified information on findings ofsurvey and interview are analyzed, and finally outcomes are offered.    5.2       Profile of the studies sample      Age zero,eighty one% nine,seventy six%       10,57%   26,02%  fifty two,eighty five%     Less and 14     15-20   21-25   26-30   Morethan 30   Figure  eight Age-Group of Respondents 36   The player’s age rangedamong 14 to greater than 30. As proven inside the diagram, the full centeredsample consisted of 123 people wherein mode respondents are represented via agegroup 21-25 accompanied by means of 26-30. That involves fifty three% and 26%of overall respondents proportionately.

On the opposite, the least number ofparticipants changed into from age less than or equals to 14 which accounts to1% of total respondents. There were 13 contributors from age 15-20 and 12respondents from age more than 30. Since the principleobjective of the thesis turned into to study the purchasing behaviour of humanbeings of ages 18-35 consequently, this will suggest that the outcomes havebeen tremendous. The result indicatesthat each one 123 contributors were college students, wherein 81 had beenBachelor students; which debts to 65.85%. Followed by Master degree collegestudents; which money owed to twenty-five.

2% of the total respondents. 

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