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Last updated: April 24, 2019

This test is performed according to the functional script.  Test AcceptanceCriteria:·        Approved functional test specification documentis available along with use cases. ·        Test cases are approved and sign off prior totest execution. ·        Test environment with application installed,configured and ready state.         Test Deliverables:   S.No.

Deliverable Name Author Reviewer 1. Test Plan Creation Test Lead Technical Program Manager 2. Functional Test Cases/Unit Test Cases Test Team Program Manager Sign off 3.

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Weekly Bug status report Test Team/ Test Lead Test    Lead/Program Manager 4. Test report s Test Lead Program Manager   1.1.1    UserAcceptance testThis focuses on the validation of the business logic. Itallows the end user to complete the one final review before the finaldevelopment. This testing is performed after all other level of testing isdone.  Test Deliverables:  S.No.

Deliverable Name Author Reviewer 1. UAT Test Cases Test Team Program manager Sign off   2.    Execution Strategy  2.1  Entry and Exit Criteria: The criteriaare desirable for starting the test execution.

Migration of the code and fixesneed to be accessed at the end of cycle. Exit Criteria Test Team Technical Team Notes 100% Test Scripts executed           x   95% pass rate of Test Scripts           x   No critical or high priority issues.           x   95% severity defects closed           x   All low, remaining defects are either cancelled or Document as change request for future release           x          2.2  Test Cycle·        There are two cycles of functional testing. Eachcycle executes all the test scripts.·        First cycle will identify any blocking, criticaldefect and high defects.

·        Second cycle is to identify remaining high andmedium bugs. It will remove the work from the first cycle. Correct gaps andimprove performance results.

·        UAT is only consist of one cycle.  2.3  Validation and defect management It is the sole responsibility of the defect management toopen the defects. The Link these effects to the corresponding script. Defectmanager will review the sole defects and facilitate with the technical team tofix those defects. Once the fix is found and its done.

The team will implementthe solution per the request of defect management.   3.    Tracking and Reporting   4.    Test Management process 

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