This running the farm is tiring and they

This last year has been filled with intense work for the animals as they spend countless hours building the windmill, that Napoleon had originally objected but now suddenly approves of. During this time Boxer shows to the other animals that he is at a physical peak, displaying how devoted he is to finishing the windmill and working as hard as he possibly can.

Napoleon also anounces that the farm will soon be going into trading with the farms and farmers in the close surrounding areas which should be good business for the farm, however other people in the community speculate that the farm is going to go down hill and loose all its money.  They feel when the windmill is built, it will likely collapse because it is built by animals and they are less capable than humans. After continuous fighting and trying to get his farm back and regain control over the animals, Mr.Jones finally gives up and decides to move across the country, away from the farm and animals. Jones leaving the farm behind leaves the farmhouse empty for the pigs to move in, with their explanation to the other animals being they can move in and no other species can because running the farm is tiring and they need to rest. As the end of the year came around and the animals had the windmill half completed, they were very happy with their progress until a storm came during the night and completely destroys the windmill and all the work the animals had done. Noticing that the other animals on the farm might see him as less or a leader he decided to convince the other animals that the windmills destruction was not due to a storm but instead, completely snowballs fault and commits to give a bounty to any animal who can bring snowball back to the farm alive or dead.

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The very next morning, he insists that the animals immediately start the reconstruction of the windmill.People  are waiting to hear that the animals and the farm have failed and that they can’t continue in business or keep the farm open but instead, Napoleon insists that Mr. Whymper tells people that the farm is actually in success and that they farm is doing well to make the farm sound much better than it really currently is . The animals are now fighting starvation because the lack of food they have and that is provided to them, with the pigs rationing method being very poor . As the hens learn that they’ll have to give up their eggs they decide to protest against the farm for the unfair treatment, But its made evidently clear that they can’t live without the little food they get when nine of the hens in protest die because of starvation.

Because of Napoleon’s implications the other animals start to believe that snowball is coming to the farm and destroying all their progress and building out of spite. He become a very big threat to the animals even though there is no proof he has done anything wrong. To add on to the theory squealer convinces the other animals of the farm that snowball had been on Joneses side the whole time and never really was on their side.

As april and may come around in the springtime Napoleon holds a confession and makes all the animals in the farm who objected or protested him participate, but the second it ends he has all the animals who are there killed by the dogs who act like his slaves,  With other animals in the farm also admitting some of their wrongs and laws they’ve broken.  By the end of the chapter Napoleon stops the singing of the animals previous song/ anthem and has his poet inforce a new one. But the animals find it farless symbolic and meaningful, wishing they were still allowed to sing Beasts of England. In the following months the animals are forced to work harder than ever, with even smaller rations than ever.

As Napoleon gains more and more control over the other animals, He stops making public appearances and staying in .With his image getting worse among the animals in the far because of the unfair treatment.

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