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This place has been known as a cold, icy, stormy planet that nobody seems to be interested in.

People have always wondered what it is like on this planet. In this article I am going to uncover these mysteries that people have been wondering about.The surface of Neptune NASA sent out voyager 2 in 1989 and it finally arrived in 2001 and since then voyager 2 has gotten extremely valuable photos of Neptune but the photos went to scientists and since the photos went to the scientists, they have been making educated guesses of what the surface is like based on the planet’s color and the storms that the planet has. What is said right now is that the planet’s surface is made out of an ice compressed methane, ammonia, and water.The coreNow since we have learned about the surface, then we are going to go straight to the core of Neptune. Scientists have been researching and plotting diagrams about guesses of the core on Neptune but what is stated right now is that the real core of Neptune is made of a rocky material in which the materials that the core is made up of is iron, nickel, and silicon.

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That is just a guess about what the core is made up of so please don’t believe that this is true because the guess might change in the future.The CrustNow that we have have learned about the core, we should go to the crust of Neptune. Scientists have also been researching and plotting diagrams of the under surface of Neptune and making guesses about the under surface but what is stated right now is that the under surface is made out of liquid molecular hydrogen and liquid helium witch is highly compressed. In the future another probe might get to the surface and send information about what the surface is made out of.The average temperaturesPeople have always said that neptune is the coldest planet in our solar system but the truth is that it is not the coldest planet and you will find out why.

Scientists have researched the storms on Neptune and from that research they have been able to prove the average temperatures on Neptune. The average atmosphere temperature on Neptune is -201 degrees celsius (-329.8 degrees fahrenheit) and the average core temperature (is not proven yet) on Neptune is about 4982.222 degrees celsius (9000 degrees fahrenheit).The airBased on the violent storms on Neptune, scientists have been able to guess what the air is made out of on Neptune.

What is stated by scientists is that the real air on Neptune is made out of 80% hydrogen, 19% helium, and 1% methane making it impossible to breathe on Neptune. Based on what they saw off of voyager 2, scientists were able to prove that Neptune has the strongest windflow of all planets with the wind speeds being at an average of about 2,267 kph (1,048 mph). Also by looking at the camera on voyager 2, scientists were able to tell that the average weather on Neptune is severe storms. They could also tell by the dark blue spots that appear to be extremely severe storms.The rotation cyclePeople have always said that neptune has a really long rotation cycle because it is the furthest planet from the sun, and people are right about that.

Based on what countless scientists have seen so far, they have tried to find out how many years that it took for Neptune to orbit the sun and scientists now have proof that it takes 165 years to officially orbit the sun which means that we have only seen just over 1 Neptune year since it was discovered. Speaking of cycles scientists have found out that the longest season on Neptune is about 45 years long based on Neptune’s rotation cycle. Since we have read all of the things that I have listed then we should know right now that some of these things are guesses. Hopefully in the future, NASA will send out another probe to gather more information or even better, a rover to gather more information about Neptune.

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