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Thomas Jefferson Name: Institution: Lecturer: Course: Date: Thomas Jefferson Popular culture involves simple practices done by part of the society. It is highly accessible and is mostly done for recreation purposes. When Americans were under British colonies, they developed their own popular culture. Any culture needs to have a sizeable population for it to thrive. The American colonies population started to increase significantly. By the year 1775, the Europeans and Blacks were already two million and five hundred thousand. They embraced the practices by Americans because it was inevitable.

Apart from the growing population, there was an increase in income and leisure practices in the middle class. The other lower levels of classes also took part in the revolution of consumer growth. Colonies were not expected to develop in any way, especially socially.

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The poplar culture brought major changes in the rate of consumption. People improved their lifestyles by enjoying their leisure time. The popular culture contributed in educating and informing the people. This was through reading books, novels and other sources. Today, American popular culture has influenced almost all the countries in the world.

They have borrowed so many cultural practices from America (Scott, 2012).. Crevecoeur was once a citizen in New York State. He studied the Americans and concluded that USA was comprised of diverse people.

He termed USA to be a melting pot. This meant that the diverse people in America create a homogenous culture. Every person had left their old beliefs and practices and accepted new ways of life. This made America a cosmopolitan place because there is no person who would not be accepted.

This was an important factor to Crevecoeur, in creating Americans. He continued to say that America could no longer be considered as a European land or descendants of Europe. The changes that took place made it a unique place. Another significant factor was Americans worked and benefited themselves from the outcome of their efforts.

They believed that an individual should make his or her own efforts and reap from them. This is a significant practice, as it will result to general growth and development of the land. Every individual’s contribution to the country will enable it to grow. Crevecoeur believed that America had favorable environment for living harmoniously with other people (A& E television networks, 2012) The declaration of Independence was made because negotiation with Great Britain had failed. America made that declaration after discovering several facts about human rights.

All people were equal, and the government was expected to ensure that. No one has a right to rule others forcefully. Other government obligations were to protect people’s right to life and freedom to seek happiness. If the government did not abide to these rights, the people had the right to overthrow it.

The colonialists violated all this rights, and they were not ready to give freedom to any country. Because of this, the Americans declared independence. This declaration was particularly vital to other colonial countries because they were inspired to fight for their freedom. The war was brought by the struggle to gain independence (Pearson, 2012). The presenter in the video is discussing the declaration of Independence. He says that the most significant factor was to understand why Americans should get independence.

It was against human rights to subdue anyone against their wish. It is the elected government by the people, has a right to set laws for governing the people. The people can accept or reject those laws. According to the declaration of independence, was declared by Thomas Jefferson.

The British government was selfish and wanted to continue colonizing Americans. The Americans could not allow this. This action had an effect on other countries. There were other thirteen colonies other than America. They were also mobilized to fight for their right to be free from colonialism. When countries gained independence, they borrowed several practices from the Americans.

Their cultures were admired by others, and as a result even today the American cultures are practiced all over the world (Geist, 2012). References: A &E television networks (2012). Crevecoeur, Letters From an American Farmer. Scott, S.

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