Thomas part of, but refused to allow any

Thomas Jefferson once
said, “I hold it that a little rebellion now and then, is a good thing…”  Daniel Shays believed that people should have
a voice in the decision of the state. Rebellion was his only option. Daniel
Shays is an eighteenth century rebel, who led a rebellion against taxes imposed
by the state of Massachusetts. (      Before Shays’ rebellion actually got its
start, several local farmers came together in order to create a petition in
hopes to lower the high tax they were forced to pay even though they could
barely afford the land as it was. Unfortunately, the petition had been rejected
by the state. At the time, John Hancock was the Governor of Massachusetts and
he refused to prosecute the debtors for their unpaid taxes. When Hancock
resigned, James Bowdoin filled his spot as Governor. Bowdoin had a more hands
on approach to the taxes that went unpaid. The first thing he did was making law
officials take the farmers that were unwilling to pay taxes into custody. He
then enforced more taxes on them. (
     It was at this point that farmers started
their fight against the Massachusetts State Government due to the raised taxes
and their government ignoring their peaceful requests. In the summer of 1786, the
rebellion began. They started with taking over the state arsenal, which is a
facility where weapons are held by a mass of people. Although the attempt to
overthrow the arsenal was unsuccessful, Captain Day made a decision to not
cross over the Connecticut River into Massachusetts leaving Shays with this men
to take the arsenal over alone. The farmers did not stop there. They also
tormented many of the citizens that supported the government. A group of about
1,200 men marched to the arsenal at the state capital in attempts to over throw
the government and make their voices heard. They demanded that their voices be heard
(    Shays
found himself caught in the middle of a rebellion. He attempted to keep the
meeting from becoming physical. The government, instead of seeing his actions
as an attempt to keep the peace, viewed him as a leader of the rebellion. Shays
saw his chances for peacefully resolving the issue fading. Shays told many
officials that he would help fight for their cause to be part of, but refused
to allow any amount bloodshed. He attempted to work with the Rule Regulators to
try and resolve their issues peacefully. Shays knew the farmers had no training
or weapons, but he also knew that the state arsenal had more than plenty to
help the farmers make their voices heard. This arsenal was also an adequate
place to keep them safe in case anything was to happen due to the amount of
barracks inside (      Regrettably, the Massachusetts state
military was already in control of the arsenal. Unbeknownst to the rebels, a
band of regulators, led by General Shepard, had been waiting. Shepard had a
suspicion that the rebels would try to overthrow the arsenal. Unfortunately for
the rebels, they had inadequate forces so they were unable to leave men there
overnight. Because of this, some men banded together to keep the arsenal from
being overthrown (    Shays
made the decision to take the risk and attempt to over throw the arsenal, but
that meant they would be trying to taking it by force. None of the men involved
with this plan knew for sure if the soldiers on the inside would actually open
fire on them. Several rebels ended up giving up and going home. At this point
in time, Shays and the other commanders had no option but to surrender. After
this failed rebellion, Shays had no other option but to migrate around the
country in an attempt to avoid the government so he could keep his life (

     Daniel Shays, a rebel with a cause, believed
that the outrageously high taxes that were forced upon the local farmers of
Massachusetts were unlawful, so he stepped up and took action. Daniel Shays
made the decision to lead a rebellion composed of untrained and unarmed farmers
against their government. Shays made this decision because he felt it was his
duty to help these people make their voices be heard loud and clear.

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