Throughout factories, sewing and making clothing (Doc E).

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Last updated: March 19, 2019

Throughout America’s history, the usual judgement from society about women is that they have always been more oppressed and subservient to men. Many strong and powerful women in the country, such as Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth C.

Stanton, and Carrie C. Catt,  began to come together striving to gain more rights. These women risked their lives as they fought for equality, gathered early on in places like Seneca falls (1848) to discuss women’s rights, and gave women the power to a voice. The normal attitudes about women began to slowly dwindle during 1890 to 1925.

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Economical and political developments dramatically changed for the better and the assumptions in regards to the nature of women began to change their position in society as women in America. Strong women began to take advantage of the improving economic status of the country and as the Industrial Revolution started to take hold women acted fast and took manufacturing jobs that became available. In 1915 women began taking jobs starting mainly in New York and later spreading over states, working in factories, sewing and making clothing (Doc E). By doing so they were able to prove to the men and themselves they too could maintain and display hard work. Having this exposure to the working world, their were some cases where women had been forced into a hazardous situation. Cases were spread that women were then not receiving the proper working needs to successfully perform their jobs.

Often times they would leave and maintain their status at home by performing the motherly duties and were at times considered to be dependent on their husbands (Doc B). Being viewed in this way was a side effect of women not receiving the treatment they deserve in working environments, and the constant moving that families went through from city to city, or farm to city. In addition to the economical benefits women were able to take advantage of, they had also been exposed to political advantages as well. When the Progressives movement had made an appearance with the turn of the century.

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