Throughout the respectable young man I am today. My

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Last updated: January 5, 2020

Throughout my time learning aboutwhat it takes to be a part of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity,I believe that I display many of those properties. I have observed that all men ofOmega Psi Phi Fraternity display four key attributes Manhood,Scholarship, Perseverance,and Uplift.

It has been instilled in me to uphold those four key qualities through theupbringing by my parents and other family members. This is why I feel as though I possessthe attributes to make it.From a young child,my parents have implanted in me the traits that made me the respectable youngman I am today.My father has always explained to me that having good character is key,and that a man is solely judged upon his character. He has taught me to always displayrespect to other people (especially to my elders), to never be afraid to branch outfrom my comfort zone and to never allow someone to cause me to act out ofcharacter.

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My mom has taught me how to treat women with respect, to open the door for them, neverto talk down upon them, and to always make her feel safewhen they are with me.Both my mother and father have stressed to me never quit anything that I havecommitted to.They say everything has its ups and downs but only a strong person will powerthrough it.Ever since I started school I wasinstructed to always put forth my best effort into every class I took and tonever bring home anything less than a “B”.

I upheld that standard all the waythrough elementary, middle,and high school. By doing so many opportunitieswere presented to me. From being invited to represent myschool at a national convention, to scholarships,and being inducted into Beta Club. Maintaining a high level ofacademic excellence has always been a top priority for me.Unfortunately, during my freshman year in college,I was not able to keep my streak of high academic excellence going.I have struggled in a few classes but that does not mean I did not give it myall. Since then, I have been working even harder tomake sure I get back to my normal academic excellence that I have come to be accustomedtoo which is nothing under a “B”.

Although I have been blessed with apretty easy going and smooth life I have still had some moments that I have hadto show a certain level of persistence and tenacity to get through.The passing of my grandmother hit me pretty hard mentally and emotionally.She was the only person I felt comfortable enough to go to in my family aboutany situation or problem that came my way. She always knew exactly what tosay and even do in every situation that I brought to her attention.The bond I had with her was more of best friend type of relationship on top ofher being my grandma. After her passing I went into slumpfor a good month. My grades started to slip a bitduring that time too.

But I found it in me to pullthrough because I knew she would be disappointed to see me not on honor roll.So, before the semester of my sophomore year ended I wasable to get back on track and ended up making the principles list.I have always played an active andimportant role in giving back to my community and uplifting it.Whether it has been volunteering at Hosea Feed the Hungry,giving away my old clothes and shoes that I have outgrown to children who arein need of them, or even going out with my dad onthe night of Christmas Eve and giving out hot containers of chunky soup to thehomeless to make sure they have something to eat.I have even helpedsome of my older neighbors do work around their houses from painting walls tocutting grass and trimming bushes.

I honestly enjoy doing thesethings just because the feeling I get knowing that I have in some wayalleviated some of the stress that person was facing.I have exhibited traits of all four qualities thatare evaluated in every man that is in or looking to be a part of Omega Psi PhiFraternity. Every one of thesequalities I feel I possess and hold a great regard to. These are all reasons why I feel that I holdthe potential to make it.

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