Throughout The United States Constitution expressly provides that

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Throughout The 300+ years of this country The presidents have had control over the whole 1-50 states depending on what time period you look at it. The presidents tend to have tyrannical thoughts from time to time that’s why presidents are only allowed a 2 4 year term. Other than FDR who served for 12 years during the second world war.

The presidents who have tyrannical views usually creates executive orders. On 6/8/1976 , George Washington delivered an instruction to the officers of the Confederation government informing each of them to prepare a paper “to impress me with a full, precise, and distinct general idea of the affairs of the United States” . the term “executive order” wasn’t used until 1862, President Washington’s orders was the construction of the executive order and was unquestionably proper. Every chief executive has the power to order others to prepare reports for him on the performance of their duties. The United States Constitution expressly provides that the President may require his principal officers to prepare such reports.With this George Washington basically swore himself into office without checking anyone because he was the leader of the milirtary during the revulutionary war. Executive orders were used to direct foreign policy ever since the presidency of George Washington, when he created a proclamation in 1793 stating that the United States would be “friendly and impartial toward the belligerent powers” of Britain & France.

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In this “Neutrality Proclamation,” Washington justified that his power to issue a statement based on the “law of nations,” but a stronger ground would have been the constitutional powers vested in the President over foreign affairs. Washington, with the concurrence of Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson and Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, did not convince  the Congress to debate the proclamation before issuing it. James Madison, among others, criticized Washington’s proclamation as an overextension of executive authority.

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