Thus, the African American community would take rhythm

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Thus, brings us to the origin ofthe topic question.

Is rhythm and poetry an effective way to educate the youthabout the social issues in the world today, or it’s not effective and thebelief that it can be effective is just an illusion.Ever since the first RAP song wasmade, the superior race at those times didn’t respect the fact that the AfricanAmerican community would take rhythm and poetry to express their struggles asthe lowest race to the superior races’ eyes. Rappers like 2pac, Biggie and manymore used to fight against this fact and got themselves titled as ‘YoungLeaders’ because of this fact. Despite the appearances of violence,nudity and drug abuse in their many forms of art, the rappers were still ableto express their struggles as well as make awareness about them. Positively,the art form of RAP grew impressively, making a lot of youths from the 90s wantto take charge and express their lifestyles in todays society. So, knowing thatfact, one may ask himself/herself if rap can teach the youth of today about thesocial issues that humanity suffers from. Social issues like gender equality,sexual abuse, domestic violence, LGBT rights and racism.

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These social issuesaffect many individuals and the fact that most of them are not talked about as muchas how they are affecting societies, kills to know that the youth may notunderstand the importance of them and how they should be prevented.             RAP, also known as rhythm andpoetry, is a musical form of vocal delivery that incorporates ‘rhyme, rhythmicspeech, and street vernacular’. It is performed in a variety of ways but usuallyover a backbeat or musical accompaniment. This form of music was made in the 1970sby some jockeys and urban African Americans to make money as well as show theirdifferent type of lifestyles they have in a creative way. RAP has been known tobe not respected by the many societies because most elders in those societiesbelieve that RAP is not well mannered.

They usually classify it as ‘HooligansMusic’, where they even putracial stereotypes about how this type of music only suits a certain race.

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