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Last updated: July 17, 2019

       Time Management      COLL-148Lucio A Gonzalez TimeManagement            Contraryto the what one may think time management is not the management of time. Timeitself cannot be managed but rather it isone’s ability to use time effectively or productively. Time management is a challenge no matter who you are, but for meespecially. I am a wife, mother, a full timeprofessional and a full-time student,managing my affectivities can be a struggle at times. Experts offer advice asto what makes for the “best” time management processes. However, one needs toevaluate what works best for them. I have triedmany of systems, from calendars to phone apps to management systems, and I haveyet to find the perfect system.            Eventhough I may struggle, I have found asystem that works for me.

A combination of electronic lists and calendars keepsme organized and on task. Is this a perfect system? No,not at all. For example, these past two weeks have been very busy at work,which has impacted my management of my daily tasks. What went wrong? In lookingback, I did not manage the tasks at hand effectively;I let the additional work affect my schedule.

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Had I reevaluated my workload and redistributed my tasks I wouldhave utilized my time better.             Othertime robbers for me are TV shows, games on my phone, and lack of sleep. When Ihave not had enough rest, I find I lackin motivation and am not able to complete my daily tasks. At times completingall of my work in the allotted time is hard and I need to sacrifice sleep tocomplete a school assignment or a work project. Constantly doing this affectsmy ability to produce quality work, which then requires more of my time. When Ihave ineffective time management, in the end,my children suffer, this to me is sad andcan be avoidable.

To not sacrifice time with my children I need to evaluate and put inplace a better time management system.            To ensure that I am giving everything in mylife the adequate time and attention, Ineed to reevaluate my system. In doing so,I have come to the conclusion that I need to try a structured schedule. Forexample, Sundays our new academic week starts, I am always up before mychildren are. I will utilize the time before they wake up to review my week’s assignments and lessons. Having theweekly lesson in mind will allow me to think about the material throughout theday and week. I will dedicate the remainderof Sunday to my children, whether it hasthem at my side doing chores or playing outside. This time in invaluable andcan never be returned to a parent.

            Tokeep up with school demands, I will takeout time during my work day to review my school materials, even if it is duringmy lunch break. Taking my lunch to complete thiswill allow me to have a free hour at home with my children, or evenallow me to get o bed an hour earlier. Setting deadlines for items and knowingwhen I am being expected to complete an item, is imperative for me.

I use myphone calendar for almost everything and have alerts set up as reminders. For me to get back on track creating remindersor alerts of such will remind me to take a step back and see what needs to be completed next. Working on a big projectalong with little ones at the same time will help me to manage my time better.For example, if I have a project that is due in a month and one in two weeks,instead of waiting to start the one that is due later, I work on the twoprojects simultaneously allotting more time to the project due sooner and lesstime to the one due later. I will be able to accomplish both without feelingoverwhelmed and out of time.             Inthe end, time management can be viewed at as a juggling act.

One needs tolearn to juggle all aspects of life without dropping one of the balls. When theload becomes heavier in one area, one needs to learn to redistribute the load to be effective and productive. I will nevermaster the art of time of management, is it a moving and evolving process.Acknowledging this and my flaws will allow me onlyto keep perfecting my skills. 

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