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Last updated: May 25, 2019

Timeless clothing and infusing your style with classic trends Good style never goes out of fashion — and that includes an elite selection of classic clothing pieces.

But what are we really talking about when we say ‘timeless clothing’? Timeless clothing refers to those key fashion garments that are essential to the world of women’s fashion — from catwalk to the clothing rail. Here, you can find a collection of the world’s most iconic fashion pieces that have never left our wardrobes — and tips on how you can reinvent them to rejuvenate your look.Plain shirtOnce reserved for men’s fashion only, the iconic white shirt is now available in multiple styles to enhance women’s figures and individual styles. From boxy cuts to tailored fits, the iconic ladies’ dress shirt has carried us effortlessly from work to play for decades.

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Get the lookThe plain shirt’s versatility makes it ideal for creating outfits that are perfect for work and play. Try wearing a lantern-sleeve style with jeans, flats and a plain kimono; or pull on a fitted cut and complement it with an authoritative high-waisted pencil skirt or pair of formal trousers. Figure-hugging pencil skirt Every woman’s figure looks incredible in a well-fitted pencil skirt. This timeless fashion piece is a buy-once-wear-for-life garment that has helped women exude power and confidence at work for decades.

  Get the lookNot just for the office, the pencil skirt is ideal for weekends, too. Wear it in a pastel colour with a bardot top and waterfall jacket, or keep it strictly business by wearing a high-waisted style and teaming it with a fitted blouse and black heels. LBD Possibly the most iconic of all women’s dresses, the little black dress should hold a place in every lady’s wardrobe.

Flattering in colour and versatile in design, an LBD will make you feel amazing at any event — from shopping days to hot dates. As fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld, said: “One is never over-dressed or under-dressed in a little black dress”. Get the lookLBD to plain for you? Add the wow-factor by pairing yours with sparkling jewellery and killer heels. For off-duty days, team a black skater dress with chic pumps and a faded, grunge-style denim jacket.Dark blue jeansWe bet you have at least five pairs of jeans in your wardrobe already. And why not? Easy to pull on in a hurry and simple to spruce up for a night out with the girls; slim, skinny and straight leg jeans are the ultimate in versatility. Get the lookGo for high-rise jeans if you have an hourglass figure, slightly flared if you’re a pear shape, and skinny if you’re classed as petite. Straight legs look great with sneakers and a graphic tee, or you can prepare yourself for a night out by teaming skinny dark jeans with an off-the-shoulder top, clutch bag and stilettos.

Boots It was around the 1960s when women’s boots became a key fashion piece. Now, we’re lucky to have a huge variety of boot length, heel heights and fabric patterns at our fingertips. Ranging from ankle to over-the-knee, boots carry us from work to home and season to season with no fuss or effort. Get the lookWear a midi dress with a pair of stiletto boots, and opt for buckle boots with a chunky block heel when you’re rocking the tights, skater skirt and denim jacket look. Pull on a seductive pair of over-the-knee suede boots with a pair of super-skinny jeans and a boho blouse for a unique silhouette, or go for casual with a pair of brown ankle boots.

PumpsEverything from skater dresses and denim jackets, to skinny jeans and floral blouses look great with a cute pair of pumps. If you’re not a fan of heels but want the perfect finish to your look, pumps are your best bet. Get the lookTrust us, you can wear these with anything! Go for skinny jeans and kimono, denim shorts and an oversized sweater, or an a-line skirt and t-shirt. Leather jacket Where would we be without the trusty leather jacket? From summer to autumn and winter to spring, the leather jacket keeps us looking incredible all year round. Contemporary and retro depending on your choice of design, leather jackets are timelessly stylish and have been a huge part of women’s fashion since the 1970s. Get the lookWhat style is your favourite? Short designs are great when you have a belt or high-waisted trousers to show off, while biker leather jackets look amazing with skinny jeans and a plain tee or blouse.Denim jacket Another item of clothing that infuses any outfit with timeless fashion is the denim jacket.

This clothing trend was huge in the 1980s and it’s been transforming in sync with new fashion movements ever since. Get the lookDenim jackets open up a world of possibility when it comes to customising your look. They look great when draped over plain maxi dresses and — if you go for a boxy, oversized style — you can rock a dressed down look. For elegant femininity, wear a mini, laced dress with a pair of cute flats.Get the timeless-style look by incorporating these fashion tips into your current wardrobe.

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