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Last updated: September 30, 2019

Tips to Crack CA Foundation Coursein First Attempt- Eten CA Noida 65 Whatis CA Foundation Course?Chartered Accountancy is considered as thehardest course in India and turning into a Chartered Accountant is a fantasy ofmost commerce students. Inspite of enrolment of lakhs of students each year,still there are just 2,80,000 Chartered Accountants in India. The entrance test for CA is named as CAFoundation which is replacing the present elimination level i.e. CPT (CommonProficiency Test). CA Foundation is going to be severely extreme than the previousCPT. Students who wish to pursue this course canenrol for the CA Foundation in the wake of attempting the 10+2 examinations ledby an inspecting body constituted by law in India or an examination perceivedby the Central Government as equal thereto.  You get at least four months preparationperiod after enrolment for the CA Foundation.

To show up in the CA Foundationexaminations one needs to pass 10+2 examinations.  The whole course at the Foundation level issegregated into four subjects –  1.            Principlesand Practices of Accounting.  2.

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            BusinessLaws and Business Correspondence and Reporting.  3.            BusinessMathematics and Logical Reasoning and Statistics.  4.            BusinessEconomics and Business and Commercial Knowledge.

Initial twopapers in the course are subjective and later two are objective. The studentsare encouraged to begin preparation with the 12th standard. A 12th commerce student must be comfortablewith most of the subjects. CA Foundation syllabus is much like your seniorsecondary classes.    Whereto Join Coaching for CA Foundation?Thorough preparation is essential for cracking CA Foundation in firstattempt. Many of the students crack this exam without coaching with justpassing marks. But having clarity on the concepts is crucial from the basiclevel because Chartered Accountancy is a long journey where you will be calledas experts, and proper CA Foundation/ CA CPT coaching helpyou a lot in gaining clarity over your concepts.

Good coaching combined withself study will be an assuring factor for cracking this tough nut. For a class 12th student, time is very crucial andtherefore, they should manage their time optimally to spend most of it studyinguseful and sorted study material.Get unmatched, coaching for Chartered Accountancy with ETEN’spioneering satellite-driven, technology-led centres.ETEN CA helps CA aspirants get advanced, scientific, andpersonalized coaching from acclaimed faculty right in their comfort of home,saving lot of time and hassle, at a much lower cost.

Through the authorizedETEN CA centre, aspirants can get the same excellent personalized coachingthrough a satellite-beamed session as they would in an in-person classroom.   Whatis Eten CA Noida?ETEN CA offers unrivaled Chartered Accountancy coachingthrough its satellite technology-driven coaching centers. In a pioneeringinitiative, we help CA aspirants get advanced, scientific, and personalizedcoaching from acclaimed faculty in their own hometown. Students are thus ableto get the same excellent coaching as in any in-person class in a metro cityand save cost and time. Lectures with our faculty are beamed live from ourstudio in Delhi to ETEN CA authorized centers in Delhi, Noida, Kolkata, andBengaluru.    Tips toCrack CA Foundation10Expert Tips to Prepare for CA Foundation During 4 Months PreparationLeaves  Create a Time-TableThe firststep before starting studies is to make a timetable. Planning your timeeffectively will not only increase your grasping efficiency but also give you ablueprint for your success by giving you phases to analyse and evaluate yourperformance and make necessary changes timely to avoid any chances of failures.

Get proper guidance Gettingproper guidance will light up you path to success by helping you in reachingout to your goal with right effort in right direction. Thus, Joining agood coaching centre is crucial for laying a strong foundation for the longjourney of CA Course as only then you can rest assured of not just crackingthis tough nut but also becoming an expert of the subject. Focus on Statistics and Logical ReasoningNon-Mathscommerce students are advised to focus on the Statistics and Logical reasoningas Maths isn’t necessarily a scoring subject for the Non-Maths students.Logical reasoning covers 20 marks and the remaining part is divided equallyamong Maths and Statistics. Therefore Non-Maths should focus specifically onStatistics and Logical Reasoning. Prepare Your Own Brief Notes For Quick RevisionTheimmensely wide CA Course is hard to revise completely, so make your ownhandwritten notes for quick revision during exam time while you are studyingthe whole course in detail itself. They will be of great help to you in your crucialtime.

5.       Proficiencyin Calculator UsageICAI allowsthe use of calculators in exams to save the students from tedious calculationsduring exams. So, with good proficiency in calculator students can save a lotof their valuable time. Also, learning the short keys like M+, M-, G etc. willbe of highly useful.. Keep short intervals in between your study timeTake shortbreaks of 10-15 minutes after 1-2 hours of study to refresh your brain.

Thiswill help you keep your mind focussed saving it from stress and burnout thusmaking your studies more effective. Also, you should recall what you havestudied in previous hours during these short breaks.It will help in memorizingthings fast and also clarifying the concepts in your mind. Thorough Revision Before ExamMake sure you revise the complete syllabus at least 4-5 timesbefore appearing in exams. This can done in an easy and effective way byplanning your revisions in advance by marking questions of each type for futurerevision well in advance while studying so you only practice one or twoquestions  of each type during revisionand making summary of theoretical part for a quick review and going through itduring revisions. Model Test PapersCAFoundation model test papers are very helpful for clearing the exam as theyteach you time management and helps you analyze your position and readiness forattempting the exam. So, one should not only solve them after the completion ofcourse but also after each topic from syllabus as shortage of time aftercompletion of course may lead to missing out o solving them.

  Focus on PresentationPrepare yourself well for the two subjective papers bypracticing the answers and seeking suggestions from your mentor. Revision in the last monthSet anobjective to finish your course in three months alongside first revision andleave the most recent month for the last two revisions and solving mock testsand previous attempt papers. Try not to hop over other reference books oranother instructor’s notes. Adhere to your educators’ notes and comprehend themodel test papers as much as you can.Below arefew important books one should go through for brushing up their concepts: § DirectTaxes: Vinod Gupta§ Accounts(Accounting standards): D S Rawat & M P Vijaykumar§ IndirectTaxes: Dipak Gupta§ Law:Munish Bhandari§ ICAIpractice manuals§ ICAIpublications (Recent circulars, notifications, case laws, suggested answers andRTP)§ Coachingclass note 

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