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Title Here, up to 12 Words, on One to Two LinesAdnan Habib RahinCMLIT 102W; Mon, Wed 15:10 – 16:25Prof. AmatulliDec.

18. 2017 Author Note Include any grant/funding information and a complete correspondence address.                        The Decameron is one of the bestcreation in the Early Renaissance by Giovanni Boccaccio.

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The Renaissance isstandout amongst the most fascinating and debated times of European history. TheRenaissance was for some time consigned to a profound ghetto between themedieval times and the transformation. The Renaissance is viewed as a timeresurrection from the dark Ages of Europe to the more illuminated and dynamicperiods of Europe. Boccaccio’s TheDecameron reflects Renaissance free enterprise and how Europe experiencedan economic and social immorality. Boccaccio emphasize how the corruption, immoralityspread across Catholic Church.

Members of the Catholic Church were financiallyand politically corrupt. They misuse their administrative power and benefitstheir everyday lives. They were selling their religious view to fulfill theirdesire. Boccaccio presents numerous tales depicting the corruption inside theChurch.

Boccaccio’s The Decameron talksagainst this corruption and mirrors the common disposition of living asjoyfully as could reasonably be expected, downgrading the principals ofChristian ethical quality that had administered everyday life in the timebefore the Renaissance. The thoughts of this paper will accentuate howBoccaccio investigate Catholic Church from his own view and faith and emphasizedhow revealing defilement of the Catholic Church is to be sure fundamental and solidfor the destiny of the Christian world.             Duringthe Renaissance, thoughts and beliefs changed comprehensively. New ideas andbeliefs leads each individuals to the sin and profiting. Preceding theRenaissance, it was viewed as wrongdoing to charge enthusiasm on acquired cash.

There were not very many Christian financiers in the early Middle Ages, and itwas not until the late Middle Ages and the Early Renaissance that it wound upnoticeably satisfactory to begin charging interest. Therefore, society could accomplishnew height in the Renaissance. Society experienced Individualism.

According toArts Columbia The Medieval times and the Renaissance each had their separateviews of humanism. The Renaissance rejected all beliefs and ideas that theMedieval times had developed. Medieval times thought that the human body andindividualism were sinful while Renaissance thinkers said that individualismshould be glorified. The main complaints made against the church werecorruption and hypocrisy within the clergy.

These complaints reflected theRenaissance ideas of individualism in that the clergy thought that it was k touse explore the attributes of the human mind (Arts Columbia).

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