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Last updated: May 18, 2019

Title 1: 4 Step guide to reprogramming your mind to success.Project title:   how to reprogram subconscious mind for successCategory:  Self ImprovementI believe everything we’ve doing, every action since the very beginning of our life is taken with a belief that it’ll take us a step closer towards success and will pay off later. All those years we spend in school studying, college degrees, everything was taken with an aim and a vision of a successful future. But somewhere along the way reality strikes and life happens and that vision of success we strongly believed in starts diminishing.

This shift takes place over time and series of events which somehow budge our subconscious mindset for bad. That’s when the need to reprogram our subconscious mind arises. 1.     Visualize SpecificallyThink about all the things that determine success for you and by that we don’t mean money and a comfortable life, but something that will make you eternally happy.

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For example, success for me would be getting my article printed in a reputed newspaper, now that might not be your idea of success. Then write these aspirations down in order of priority, and visualize them, believe them with all your heart and be positive and you’ll see somewhere down the road it will happen. 2.     Stay affirmative on your decisionsNow, that you have a list of your goals, the next step is to train your subconscious mind to tackle these issues because believe it or not, it will try and avoid it.

But be firm; say these affirmative statements to yourself out loud, until you actually start believing in them, because these small actions will take you a long way. 3.     Solve problemsThe two most important skills that are necessary for huge success in any set up are critical thinking and analytical thinking. This allows you to explore and develop an all new perspective towards a problem and solving thorough it. By embracing these problems and making an effort to work though them you are training your mind for a better future 4.

     Meditate and exercise regularlyAlthough, it might sound a bit cliché, but meditation is the ultimate road to success because it helps in connecting your inner self and developing the kind of self-control that, otherwise would have been impossible. Also these physical activities help you focus better and keep relaxed. On top of that it ensures consistent and sustained positive thoughts, which very important for the whole process of reprogramming your mind for success. 

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