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Last updated: September 29, 2019

Title: How much does it cost to develop a taxi booking app like Uber?So, you desire to build a mobile app like Uber or Ola? Excellent! you also are ready to move into the sea of possibilities that taxi booking apps are giving to the startups nowadays. And you are quite acquainted with the truth, that beyond in doubt, UBER has rightly been considered as one of the most popular billion-dollar Startup in the current plot. Eight years ago when Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp established this company in March 2009, even they wouldn’t have supposed that it would turn out to be such a successful venture.Indeed the immense achievement of UBER has positively encouraged a number of budding skilled individuals who liked to build something alike and accomplish the same achievement as the UBER.

Some of the people have started searching for the best affordable app development company that can elegantly build a taxi booking app within their budget estimate.The taxi booking apps like Lyft, Ola, Zipcar or UBER have absolutely revolutionized the idea of traveling. It has made the trip more convenient wherein you can book the cab services from everywhere and it will come within few minutes. Furthermore, Ola has even begun offering the offline booking services in case the clients don’t have internet on their phone.How to build a taxi booking app like Ola or Uber?This post is here to guide you through the essential development knick-knacks.The first thing you need to know about developing an Uber clone app is that you actually have to build two slightly different apps, which would be connected to your admin portal: one for the passengers and one for the drivers.

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Passenger App: Essential Features:1. Register/Login PageThe best way to offer social media integration for registering, though an email option is also good to go.2. Fare CalculatorAllows to estimate the cost the ride prior riding3.

Booking InterfaceA screen where the rider will input their travel data and hail a cab or book one for later.4. Rate drive & Feedback: After the ride is over users will get an option to rate the ride and also leave a feedback for the ride and driver. Users need to rate anyway between 1 to 5 stars and also can leave a feedback for the same.5. MessagingTo contact the driver and settle the details e.g.

exact pickup point6. PaymentUsers should receive a fare quote and pay it in-app. They can securely store their credit cards for one-click checkout.

And an invoice is also sent to their registered email id after every trip.7. Car Tracking Keep the user updated on the booking progress and deliver the necessary information on their ride e.g.

car model, color, the number on the plate, track the location of the driver and ETA (estimated time of arrival) after how many minutes the cab will arrive.8. Ride History: Displays details of the previous trips and receipts, plus can allow re-booking the same ride in one click (e.g. for the standard work-to-home commute).

9. Cancel Trip: Users can anytime cancel their trip using the option of cancel trip. Cancellation fees will be charged to them for using this option.10. Profile: User can manage their profile from here. They can change their contact information, payment information, promo code, etc from this page.

 Advanced Features:1. Pick up Location:  By using inbuilt GPS module, a passenger can point his exact location without typing an address.2. Split Fare: Users can split the fare among their friends. They have to select the option of split fare all the phone contacts will be displayed and the user has to choose with whom they have to split the fare. Everyone who is selected to split the fare will get a message on their phone.

All they need to do is open up the Uber app (or sign up if they haven’t already) and confirm to split the fare.3. Vehicle Selection: Gives an opportunity to pick up another driver for the trip.4..

Inbuilt Messenger: Ensures communication between passenger and driver right in the app.5. Discount: Provides a discount for trips by adding a code or digital coupon.6. Waitlist:  during peak hours users can add themselves on a waiting list, rather than refreshing the app over and over again in search of a ride.7 Share Experience: Users can share their ride experience to various social media platforms from there.Driver App Essential Features:1.

Sign up/Login: Driver needs to sign up using their email id and give their brief information like name and phone number. Using their credentials drivers can log in from here.2.

Drive Profile and Status: Driver can update their information from here related to name, car type, car information, contact number etc.3. Ride Alert: Informs about the new trip and shows him payment and road details.4. Navigation: Driver will get a route to navigate to the destination of the user. Drivers could press the arriving now button to inform the riders that they have reached the requested place to pick them up.5.

Stats and Earnings: It offers a quick glance at trip stats, earnings, and payroll.6. Order Completion: After reaching the destination drivers will have to verify the users and if they both agree for the drive, the driver will have to press Begin Trip button and time and fare of the trip will be calculated after this event only.

7. Navigation of the Route: Shows the path to the passenger and best route for the trip.8. Order Cancellation: Driver can cancel the trip after accepting it. The driver will need to select one of the various but viable reasons shown on the screen in order to cancel the trip.9.

Rate rider: Drivers can give ratings from 1 to 5 to the riders based on the experience of the ride.10. Payment receiving integration: Driver can integrate their account here where they will receive the payment.Admin Dashboard:Admin Panel is basically a web-based software used to store database and help to manage driver and rider activities.

It should offer you a quick overview of all the processes; suggest the best navigation for drivers and trips; manage revenue and payroll and collect data on your clientele for further enhancements.While your company can survive without one, moving your service further may become quite a hassle. We suggest investing in admin panel development from day one. Critical functionalities:1. Constantly letting the device to fetch riders and drivers current location with the help of GPS.

2. The UI and animation with integration with maps and showing the cars on the map.3. Taking care of real-time movement of the cars which are nearby and once the user changes a type of car it shows different cars on the map.4. Sending request to the nearest driver from the user’s location. An algorithm to calculate the distance is the key.

Challenges for Development:1. Fetch Location: Integrating the constant use of fetching user’s location functionality while keeping the battery consumption to its minimal. 2. Map integration: Making the UI and animation effects smoother without affecting the flow and interaction of the user with the application.3. Showing real-time cars and ETA: Real-time movement of cars is very critical. To gives the ETA (Estimated time of arrival) of the driver to users based on several issues like traffic, speed of the car, etc.4.

Calculating Fare: It does not have a definite rule to calculate fares it calculates fares based on the real-time circumstances.5. Surge Pricing: To calculate fare based on the demand of drives on special days or special hours.6. Review and ratings of drivers: Review and ratings are very important for the drivers as based on this driver can even lose their license.How much will taxi booking app like Ola or Uber cost finally?Well, to tell you the truth it is very challenging to provide an exact pricing detail on the cost of developing taxi app.

It relies on a number of features. Your budget estimation is also very important. If you desire to develop a basic taxi service app then it will cost around $17,000 USD to $27,000 USD. If you need an exact app like Uber then development and CMS costs will increase. Finally, it can be said that the cost varies according to the app development company you hire for getting your project done.Are you looking for mobile app development company to develop a taxi-booking mobile app like UBER? Contact us now or email us to get a free quote.

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