??t?m?bile the ne?r f?t?re. In 2017 exp?rts ?f PV

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??t?m?bile Ind?stryIndi? is ?ne ?f the l?rgest ??t?m?bile Ind?stry in the w?rld. The ??t?m?bile ind?stry ?????nts f?r ?b??t 7.1 per ?ent ?f the Gr?ss D?mesti? Pr?d??t (GDP). The Tw? Wheelers segment h?s 80 per ?ent m?rket sh?re is the le?der ?f ??t?m?bile m?rket ?wing t? ? middle ?l?ss ?nd y??ng p?p?l?ti?n. The gr?wing interest ?f the ??mp?nies in expl?ring the r?r?l m?rkets f?rther led t? the gr?wth ?f the ??t?m?bile se?t?r.

The ?ver?ll P?ssenger Vehi?le segment h?s ?b??t 14 per ?ent ?f m?rket sh?re.Indi? is ?n ??t? exp?rter ?nd h?s str?ng exp?rt expe?ted gr?wth  f?r the ne?r f?t?re. In 2017 exp?rts ?f PV ?nd ??mmer?i?l Vehi?les (?V) registered ? gr?wth ?f 16.20 per ?ent ?nd 4.99 per ?ent respe?tively, ?ver 2016.Sever?l initi?tives by the G?vernment ?f Indi? in the Indi?n m?rket ?re expe?ted t? m?ke Indi? ? le?der in the 2Wheeler ?nd F??r Wheeler m?rket in the w?rld in f?t?re.M?rket Size ?nd ?h?r??teristi?sPr?d??ti?n ?f p?ssenger vehi?les, ??mmer?i?l vehi?les, three wheelers ?nd tw? wheelers grew ?t 5.48 % in 2017 t? 25,316,044 vehi?les fr?m 24,016,599 vehi?les in 2016.

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The s?les ?f p?ssenger vehi?les, ??mmer?i?l vehi?les ?nd tw? wheelers grew by 9.28 per ?ent, 4.20 per ?ent ?nd 7 per ?ent d?ring the peri?d ?pril-M?r?h 2017.

 Indi?’s ele?tri? vehi?le s?les in?re?sed 38 per ?ent t? 22,000 ?nits d?ring 2015-16 ?nd expe?ted t? rise f?rther ?n the b??k ?f ?he?per energy st?r?ge ??sts ?nd the G?vernment’s visi?n t? see ?b??t six milli?n ele?tri? ?nd hybrid vehi?les in Indi? by 2020.M?rket TrendsIn ?rder t? keep ?p with the gr?wing m?rket dem?nd, sever?l ??t? m?kers h?ve invested he?vily in v?ri??s segments d?ring the l?st few m?nths. The ind?stry h?s ?ttr??ted F?reign Dire?t Investment w?rth ?b??t ?S$ 17.40 billi?n d?ring ?pril 2000 t? ??ne 2017, this is ????rding t? d?t? rele?sed by Dep?rtment ?f Ind?stri?l P?li?y ?nd Pr?m?ti?n (DIPP).S?me m???r investments ?nd devel?pments in the ??t?m?bile se?t?r in Indi? ?re: ?SW Energy, h?s signed ? Mem?r?nd?m ?f ?nderst?nding with the G???r?t g?vernment t? set ?n ele?tri? vehi?le-m?n?f??t?ring ??mp?ny ??sting ?r??nd Rs 4,000 ?r?re (?S$ 613 milli?n) whi?h h?s the ??p??ity t? pr?d??e ?b??t 2,00,000 ele?tri? vehi?les every ye?r.

T?t? M?t?rs w??ld invest Rs 4,000 ?r?re (?S$ 612 milli?n) in  2017 ?nd ? m???r p?rti?n will g? t? p?ssenger vehi?les Rs 2,500 ?r?res (?S$ 375 milli?n) ?nd the rem?ining Rs 1,500 ?r?re ($225 milli?n) will be invested in the b?siness ?ver the next ?b??t next five ye?rs. Ele?tri? ??r m?ker Tesl? In?. will intr?d??e its pr?d??ts in Indi? s?metime in the s?mmer ?f 2018. Ki? M?t?rs is expe?ted th?t it w??ld sign ? mem?r?nd?m ?f ?nderst?nding with the G?vernment ?f ?ndhr? Pr?desh (?P) t? set ?p ? f??t?ry in ?n?nt?p?r distri?t ?nd the ??mp?ny will invest ?r??nd ?S$ 2 billi?n ?n the pl?nt ?nd it will be m?n?f??t?ring ?b??t 3 l?khs ??r per ?nn?m. Sever?l ??t?m?bile m?n?f??t?rers, fr?m gl?b?l m???rs ??di t? Indi?n m?n?f??t?rers s??h ?s M?r?ti S?z?ki ?nd M?hindr? & M?hindr?, ?re expl?ring the p?ssibilities t? intr?d??e driverless ??rs f?r Indi? m?rket segment. BMW w??ld m?n?f??t?re ? l???l versi?n ?f bel?w-500 ?? m?t?r?y?le, the G310R, in TVS M?t?r’s pl?nt in T?mil N?d?, f?r l???l r??ds. Her? M?t???rp Ltd seeks t? enh?n?e its p?rti?ip?ti?n in the Indi?n ele?tri? vehi?le m?rket by p?rs?ing its intern?l EV pr?gr?m by investing Rs 205 ?r?re (?S$ 30.

75 milli?n) t? ??q?ire ?r??nd 26-30 per ?ent st?ke in Beng?l?r?-b?sed te?hn?l?gy st?rt-?p. F?rd M?t?r ??. pl?ns t? invest ?b??t Rs 1,300 ?r?re (?S$ 195 milli?n) t? help b?ild ? gl?b?l te?hn?l?gy ?nd b?siness ?entre, whi?h will be designed ?s ? h?b f?r pr?d??t devel?pment, m?bility s?l?ti?ns ?nd b?siness servi?es f?r Indi? l???l ?nd ?ther m?rkets w?rldwide.    G?vernment Initi?tivesThe G?vernment en???r?ges f?reign investment in ??t?m?bile se?t?r ?nd ?ll?ws 100 per ?ent FDI ?nder the ??t?m?ti? r??te in ?ny f?rm whi?h h?s led t? immense gr?wth the p?st ye?r.S?me ?f the initi?tives t?ken by the G?vernment ?re:• Pl?n t? intr?d??e bi?f?el vehi?les f?r r??d ?nd w?ter tr?nsp?rt?ti?n. ??t f?ssil f?el imp?rts ?nd l??k f?r ?ltern?tive whi?h h?ve l?w ??st like meth?n?l.•Indi? h?s extended s?pp?rt t? the ind?stry by in?re?sing ??st?m d?ty ?n ??mmer?i?l vehi?les fr?m 10 per ?ent t? 40 per ?ent ?nd red??ing d?ty ?n ?h?ssis f?r ?mb?l?n?e m?n?f??t?ring t? 12.

5 per ?ent.•       The G?vernment pl?ns t? intr?d??e ? Green ?rb?n Tr?nsp?rt S?heme with ? ?entr?l ?ssist?n?e ?f ?r??nd Rs 25,000 ?r?re, ?imed ?t b??sting the gr?wth ?f ?rb?n tr?nsp?rt ?n l?w ??rb?n f?r red??ti?n in p?ll?ti?n, ?nd pr?viding ? fr?mew?rk f?r f?nding ?rb?n m?bility pr??e?ts ?t N?ti?n?l ?nd St?te level with minim?m re???rse t? b?dget?ry s?pp?rt by ?sing inn?v?tive fin?n?ing meth?ds ?f ??t?m?bile rel?ted pr??e?ts.•??t?m?biles m?n?f??t?ring will the p?siti?ned ?s imp?rt?nt ?nder ‘M?ke in Indi?’ initi?tive, ?s it p?ssenger vehi?les m?rket is expe?ted t? triple t? 9.4 milli?n ?nits, ?s highlighted in the ??t? Missi?n Pl?n 2016-28.•The g?vernment h?s ? S?heme f?r ?d?pti?n ?nd M?n?f??t?ring ?f Ele?tri? Vehi?les in Indi?, Whi?h ??mes ?nder the N?ti?n?l M?bility Missi?n 2020 t? en???r?ge the pr?gressive ind??ti?n ?f reli?ble ?nd effi?ient ele?tri? vehi?les in the ???ntry f?r ??nst?nt gr?wth.

R??d ?he?dThe ??t?m?bile ind?stry is s?pp?rted by highly skilled l?b??r ?nd inn?v?ti?n rese?r?h ?nd devel?pment m?rket whi?h h?s led t? f?rther gr?wth in the empl?yment m?rket le?ding t? ??b ?re?ti?n f?r b?th skill ?nd ?nskilled w?rkers.The Indi?n ??t?m?tive ?fterm?rket is estim?ted t? gr?w ?t ?r??nd 12-15 per ?ent t? re??h ?S$ 17 billi?n by 2021 fr?m ?r??nd ?S$ 8 billi?n in 2017. It h?s the p?tenti?l t? gener?te ?p t? ?S$ 300 billi?n ?nn??l reven?e by 2030, ?re?te ?b??t 65 milli?n ??bs ?nd ??ntrib?te ?ver 12 per ?ent t? Indi?’s GDP.The eminent ??mp?nents in whi?h the ??t?m?bile ind?stry is trying t? w?rk ?p?n:??P??ITY ?DDITI?N:1.     ??nsidering l?w ??st ?f pr?d??ti?n, pr?minent ??t? ??mp?nies ?re in?re?sing their pr?d??ti?n ??p??ity in ?rder t? ??pt?re ? d?min?nt sh?re in Indi?n ??t?m?bile ind?stry.2.

     M?st ?f the ??t?m?bile ??mp?nies ?re eyeing Indi? ?s ?n ??ts??r?ing h?b.3.     With the t?t?l investment ?f ?r??nd ?S$ 163.7 milli?n, H?nd? M?t?r?y?le & S???ter Indi? exp?nded its pr?d??ti?n ?f ??tiv? in three v?ri?nts ?t ?hmed?b?d pl?nt.4.     V?lv? h?s st?rted l???l ?ssembly ?f its ??rs in Indi? fr?m ??t?ber 2017.

5.     ? new engine ?ssembly line is being set ?p by the V?lksw?gen gr??p in ??r?ng?b?d ??TERING INDI?N NEEDS:1.     M?st ?f the firms in?l?ding F?rd & V?lksw?gen h?ve ?d?pted themselves t? ??ter t? the l?rge Indi?n middle ?l?ss by dr?pping their tr?diti?n?l str??t?re ?nd designs.2.     This ?ll?ws them t? ??mpete dire?tly with d?mesti? firms m?king the se?t?r highly ??mpetitive.L??N?H ?F NEW M?DELS:1.

     H?nd? is pl?nning t? l??n?h three new ??r m?dels in Indi? by 2020 ?nd will l???lise the engines t? keep the pri?es l?w.2.     Fi?t ?hrysler ??t?m?biles Indi?, l??n?hed its new ?eep br?nd ??mp?ss in Febr??ry 2017, whi?h is g?ing t? be pr?d??ed indigen??sly in R?n??ng??n,, M?h?r?shtr?.

Indi? will pr?b?bly be the 4th m?n?f??t?ring h?b, gl?b?lly, f?r the br?nd in next five ye?rs.3.     In M?r?h 2017, T?t? M?t?rs’ new sp?rts ??r w?s ?nveiled, ?nder its new s?b br?nd – T?M?, ?t the Genev? Intern?ti?n?l M?t?r Sh?w. The sh?w will displ?yed ni?he segment m?dels with ?dv?n?ed te?hn?l?gies.4.     In M?y 2017, P?ne b?sed Kineti? Green Energy ?nd P?wer S?l?ti?ns Ltd. h?s l??n?hed its 1st ele?tri? 3- wheeler “Kineti? S?f?r”, This 3-wheeler is eq?ipped with ?n ?dv?n?ed lithi?m-i?n b?ttery.     GR?WTH DRIVERS1.

     Rising in??me ?nd ? l?rge y??ng p?p?l?ti?n.2.      Gre?ter ?v?il?bility ?f ?redit ?nd fin?n?ing ?pti?ns.

3.     Dem?nd f?r ??mmer?i?l vehi?les in?re?sing d?e t? high level ?f ??tivity in infr?str??t?re se?t?r.4.     ?le?r visi?n ?f Indi?n g?vernment t? m?ke Indi? ?n ??t? m?n?f??t?ring h?b.5.     Initi?tives like ‘M?ke in Indi?’, ‘??t?m?tive Missi?n Pl?n 2026’, ?nd NEMMP 2020 t? give ? h?ge b??st t? the se?t?r.

6.     Impr?ving r??d infr?str??t?re.7.      Est?blished ??t? ?n?ill?ry ind?stry giving the req?ired s?pp?rt t? b??st gr?wth.

8.     5 per ?ent ?f t?t?l FDI infl?ws t? Indi? went int? the ??t?m?biles se?t?r.?? M?rket Str??t?re??t?m?bile Ind?stry m?inly de?ls with f?rm eq?ipment, ?tility vehi?les ?nd ??mmer?i?l vehi?les it h?lds different ??mpetit?r segments f?r different vehi?le segments.F?r ex?mple – F?r 2-Wheeler m?rket H?nd? ?nd S?z?ki is the m?in ??mpetit?r b?t when it ??mes t? tr??ks ?nd b?sses D?imler ?nd Ei?her m?t?rs st?nd ?s the ?hief ??mpetit?rs.??mpetit?rs ?f ??t?m?bile ind?stry ??r?ss Ge?gr?phy ?hief ??mpetit?rs ?f ??t?m?bile ind?stries:- Hind?st?n m?t?rs T?y?t? T?t? M?t?rs H?nd? Hy?nd?i M?r?ti-S?z?ki ?sh?k Leyl?nd ??mp?ris?n with M?rket Le?der:                                                                                          M???r ??mpetit?rs ?f ??r?ss v?ri??s Segments:-    M?rket sh?re ?f e??h p?rti?ip?nt:The m?rket sh?re ?f ??t?m?bile Ind?stry when the ??mmer?i?l vehi?les ??teg?ry is ??n?erned h?s n?t ?h?nged m??h when ??mp?red t? 2016 – M?rket sh?re ?f  2 wheelers is: ?h?r??teristi?s ?f ??mpetit?rs ?nd beh?vi?r?l tr?it T?T? M?T?RS1.     It is ? m?rket le?der in the ??mmer?i?l vehi?le segment in Indi? with ? 42 per ?ent m?rket sh?re in FY17 ?nd ?ls? ? key pl?yer in the p?ssenger vehi?le segment.2.

     The ??mp?ny h?s been ?t the f?refr?nt ?f te?hn?l?gy ?nd inn?v?ti?n ?nd l??n?hed the ?he?pest ??r in the w?rld.3.     T?t? M?t?rs p?sted ??ns?lid?ted reven?es ?f ?S$ 9.

10 billi?n in Q1 FY18 ?nd ?S$ 10.91 billi?n in Q2 FY18.4.     T?t? M?t?rs ?re ?lw?ys ?n t?p when their Ethi?s ?nd the ??rp?r?te g?vern?n?e is ??nsidered.

Hen?e, they ??n?entr?te m?re ?n inn?v?ti?n ?nd d?min?ti?n t? ??q?ire m?re ?nd m?re m?rket sh?re.5.     Theref?re, ?ther ??t?m?bile ind?stry ??mpete ?n the gr??nds ?f  inn?v?ti?n.M?r?ti-S?z?ki  1.     M?r?ti S?z?ki is ? m???rity ?wned s?bsidi?ry ?f ??p?nese ??ngl?mer?te S?z?ki.2.     It is n?w the ?ndisp?ted m?rket le?der in the p?ssenger vehi?les segment in Indi? with ? m?rket sh?re ?f 47 per ?ent in FY17.3.

     The ??mp?ny h?s m?de the m?st ?ff?rd?ble ??rs f?r the Indi?n middle ?l?ss f?r m?re th?n three de??des.4.     New m?dels ?re being l??n?hed e??h ye?r t? h?ld the p?siti?n ?f the le?der in its h?me m?rket.5.     The ??mp?ny m?inly w?rks ?n the pri?ing str?tegy hen?e it is the pri?e ??mpetit?r with ?ther ??t?m?bile ??mp?ny’s.


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