To Be or Not to Be parody

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Last updated: July 31, 2019

To eat vegetables or not to eat vegetables.

That is the questionWhether ‘tis nobler in the mind to eat vegetables or to have a plateful full of beef or pork pieces.The healthy and nutritious broccoli and spinach leaves or the fatty and gross pork pieces.To take fresh vegetable salad before a plateful of oatmeal and McDonald burgers.

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To eat vegetables, to reduce the chances of lifestyle diseases.Fresh vegetables from the farm, organic and plentiful.To farm vegetables in the home compound, improving the ecosystem.During lunch a plate full of collard greens and celery or a health damaging piece of genetically modified beef steak.A dinner rich in vegetables and a jar full of water, a remedy to increased body fat and obesity.To feed the children in school vegetable pieces every meal or damaging meat pies.Fresh vegetables increase the health and vitality of the consumers.

Fried and oven cooked pork pieces increase fat deposition in the arteries.Organic vegetables should be given more shop space at the McDonalds, beef and genetically modified animal products should be discouraged to save humanity.Vegetables are the solution to the growing obesity problem amongst the children; meat products increases government spending in healthcare.Vegetables increase healthy people in the community; meat products enhances the number of obese and lazy citizens.Vegetables are cheap and affordable increasing the amount of savings for the common people.

Maintaining an animal product based diet puts pressure on a family budget. Economically vegetable diets are sustainable beef burgers, and pork pieces reduce savings.People have to choose between the tasty and fresh vegetables or the delicious and health damaging animal products.

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