To camp and organizations who were helping when I

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Last updated: October 15, 2019

To argument my hypothetical understanding of theater and technology, I worked with Surwat theater as acting teacher in Bhutanese Refugee Camp, Nepal.  This not only increase my guiding skills, but also helped to develop my skills of communication with people without hope like myself.  Surwat theater is Bhutanese Refugee Camp’s acting organization founded by fifteen teenagers including myself.  I had the responsibility of teaching how technology can use on street drama to tackle on human rights and environment issues as TRIO tackle on how to help disadvantaged backgrounds people like me to achieve their educational goal.  Street drama were spread to various people among refugee camp and organizations who were helping when I was still in camp as TRIO is help me and other people at University of Vermont.  As studding at UVM, I intend to develop my career to increase refugee’s capacity to hope, act and use new technology for tackling human right issue but without the help of TRIO I would not achieve.

I participated in a Computer Science program at Center for Technology, Essex, where I attained greater awareness on social development by teaching courses on technology, art, and theater that will benefit refuges lifestyle.  I worked with former refugee’s people in Winooski to teach them how to social media and computers and encourage them to show their art talents. Overseeing such a task gave me extraordinary knowledge on how straightforward activities can change lives of many refugees as it does to me with the help of TRIO and worked I did in Winooski.

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TRIO with the help of VEOP Scholarship has a history of awarding scholarships to disadvantaged backgrounds people to bring knowledge and supervision abilities to their communities and disadvantaged backgrounds people around the world. I have done some of this work however I need to proceed and with VEOP Scholarship and TRIO, I can. The continues focus of the Computer Science and Theater will give me the necessary skills to address and improve the life style for refugees around the world through technology and theater art.

I thank VEOP and TRIO for time and thought for this prestigious award.

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