To What extent was it Hitler that enabled the Nazis rise to power

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Adolf Hitler acquired supreme authority of Germany by making the Nazi party as his powerbase to rise to power. The Nazis came to power due to a collection of factors and coincident that Hitler was able to take advantage of, however it can be argued that it was Hitler’s personality that felicitated the Nazis rise to power. Hitler was believed to have had a unique personality and character which ultimately can be thought to have given him the power to enforce Nazi Germany into control. His character is said to have been a shy, isolated individual, who was also contemptuous of mankind and admired strength or success.This allows us to determine his personality and we can see how early views or even experiences would have created skills and abilities which would have been crucial in the endeavour he was later able to complete.

Some of these abilities created were his commitment and tremendous amount of energy to any scheme he thought was worth undertaking. He also had remarkable willpower and was a single-minded fanatic. As a child he also thought he was destined to play a great role, which must have produced his extraordinary willpower, which he was to take advantage of in later years.Hitler’s skills and abilities are linked to his act of success with taking the Nazis to power, but they can also be interpreted to have given him skills of propaganda. Hitler was a great orator, had a hypnotic effect on an audience and a supreme master of psychology of mass politics. These skills were exactly what a man in Hitler’s position required; the ability to put into words what the crowd was longing to hear.

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This would be vital to raise the Nazis to power, which Hitler significantly realised. As well as Hitler using his personal qualities to rise to power, many other factors were involved to allow the Nazis to rise to power.For example, the long term bitterness about the First World War and the Treaty of Versailles created an underlying bitterness to which Hitler’s viciousness and expansionism appealed, so they gave him support. Also, an ineffective constitution meant there were major weaknesses that crippled the government. This and the rough period the German people had gone through, gave Hitler a situation which he could take advantage of.

In conclusion, Hitler had many great qualities that did assist his aims to rise to power, although they can be said to have been based upon long-term factors.These would be things such as, resentment in the German people, the weakness of the Weimar system and the general situation of Germany, which the citizens were not satisfied by. But, if looked into, all the factors mentioned used Hitler’s skills and abilities to eventually enable the Nazis to rise to power.

His schemes to create a programme which appealed to every citizen and his personal qualities meant masses of people were drawn in by speeches as well as talks made to convince them to vote. His skills and abilities were ultimately caused by his personality and his drive.Hitler’s aspiration to become a great leader and play a leading role meant he was able to be a good organiser as well as a politician. When reviewed his self-belief did simply cause others to believe in him and Hitler did take advantage of many circumstances he was faced, such as the economic depression of Germany.

Altogether, it was his personality which allowed the Nazi party to be the largest, which gave him ground to fight to be counsellor. This finally made Hindenburg to recruit Hitler, which did in fact gave complete power to the Nazis.

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