Today always interesting to discuss among fellow guitarists,

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Last updated: December 24, 2019

Today @AllAboutArts will sharing a some tips for beginner guitarist in choosing overdrive pedal effect. Overdrive pedal is probably one of the most used effect pedals, but it is always interesting to discuss among fellow guitarists, because almost never found a guitarist who does not use this pedal. If there is a guitarist who uses a modeler amp or multi-effect, Overdrive pedal features almost always exist in their sound settings.gambarImage : Overdrive Pedal EffectThe overdrive pedal is arguably one of the must-have devices, especially for rock guitarists or guitarists who play music today. But the question is, “what’s a good overdrive pedal?” For beginner guitarists, choosing the best overdrive pedal for their needs may be quite difficult, as there are so many models of various brands at varying prices with a variety of reviews that also contains a variety of pros and cons.

Therefore, @AllAboutArts want to share information to the beginner guitarist around the overdrive pedal, ranging from what exactly overdrive pedal to its usefulness and also some reference pedals that can be used as a reference for you, beginner guitarists to choose the pedal overdrive.What can be done by the overdrive pedal?Suppose we have or are using a tube amplifier. Well, the role of the pedal overdrive is to increase the level of distortion of the amps we use.

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As we know, it takes a large enough volume level to make the tube amps produce the optimal distortion. However, with the help of the overdrive pedal will make it easier for us to get the level of distortion that we need without changing the character sound too far.How to choose the overdrive pedal?When choosing an overdrive pedal, it’s good we see the gear (equipment) that we use.

Starting from guitar to amps that we use. For example, suppose we use the Peavey Classic 30 (which has a slightly warm / darker character than the Fender amp) and for our guitars we use the Fender output guitar (which overall sounds pretty bright).The combination of these two gear will give us a sufficient frequency response balance. Then where the role of the pedal overdrive? When we want to do a solo, we will need more distortion (for a longer sustain sound) or something that makes our sound a bit more bright in order to penetrate the hustle and bustle of the song arrangement we’re playing, that’s where the overdrive pedal starts.One of the most helpful things in choosing an overdrive pedal is to hear the character of the pedal itself. With the internet, we can easily find videos about the overdrive pedal, and also almost every video will explain what gear he uses. There we can see how the pedals interact with the gear they use.

Or one of the easiest ways is to look at the gear used by your favorite guitarist.ReferenceHere are some overdrive pedals that you can make reference in choosing the pedal overdrive:1. Fulltone OCDOne of the pedals that got a lot of good reviews from every guitarist in every music forums. with true-bypass features, and a flexible yet quality sound as well as an attractive price. You could say this pedal is best in terms of price and quality.2.

Joyo JF-02 Ultimate DriveIf you are looking for an economical version of Fulltone OCD, this Joyo output pedal will be your choice. Though arguably a bit less bright when compared to Fulltone OCD, the overall sound produced is almost not much different from Fulltone OCD, and the more interesting feature is the pedal has a very attractive price.3. Ibanez TS9 Tube ScreamerIt seems almost impossible not to put this pedal into the list. The legendary pedal that has a warm and distinctive character of this tube is indeed able to produce a charming sound when combined with a tube amp.

Well it’s a damn good one pedal.4. Boss BD-2 Blues DriverLike the tube screamer, this pedal is not made to produce distorted sound distortion. But more to sound distortion (whether it is hi gain or not) is dynamic and character.

As we know the predicate BOSS as one of the top pedal makers. You could say this pedal is comparable to a tube screamer.5. Fulltone Full-drive2 MosfetOne more pedal from Fulltone.

Overdrive pedals that have many of these features can accommodate us to get a lot of sound, ranging from smooth overdrive to hi-gain distortion with excellent growl and sustainHopefully the above description can add to your information about the pedal overdrive, ranging from how to use to reference the overdrive pedal what is most fitting for you to use.Tips on Choosing Overdrive Pedal For Beginner Guitarist

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