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Last updated: August 16, 2019

Project Management 10, October 2013 Review of Tom Bray Case At the end of the case Tom found out that his employees are busy working.

He understood it as a negative sight but it may not be so. Toms’ employees are responsible for the installation of furniture and equipment; this is supposed to be mainly physical work that does not require much creativity or high level of communication among workers. Tom should assess the extent to which it is appropriate to interfere with the work of his employees.It is important for a project anager to wonder around often enough to create better connections with employees and get to know what is going on, but at the same time he should not disturb people from their work and make them feel uncomfortable, stressed and controlled too much. Tom’s new team is already used to certain type of behavior so even though Tom have decided to adopt new management style it would probably take some time for people to adjust and react to changes.

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Tom may continue to implement his new strategy and in time he should see the result.It should be remembered that one should not expect great changes in human behavior immediately, any change takes time. He should also try not to be too intrusive, since most people resist change and do not like to be distracted; Tom should implement his new management style gently and gradually. It is also important to remember that MBWA should be seen as a way of building stronger relationships with employees, getting better understanding of the environment and work processes. Its goal is not micro-managing people.

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