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Tonight I Can WriteWhat lines can you write after losing someone you love to depth? In the poem “Tonight I Can Write” written by Pablo Neruda, the speaker focuses on an overwhelming melancholy due to his lost love with an unnamed woman. Throughout this poem, Neruda communicates his sorrows by reflecting his relationship with the girl. Neruda uses repetition and emotional appeals to express a love once had and emphasis the over-wrought condition of the crazed lover.

Many lines in this poem are repeated. The theme of distance is introduced in the opening line when the speaker informs the reader, “tonight I can write the saddest lines.” This line repeats itself throughout the poem: in the fourth stanza and again in the seventh stanza. By repeating this line, Neruda creates a feeling of endless as that line brings the reader back to that phrase to recur the sadness. Also, the line can express the depth of what the speaker is felling when it repeats multiple times and expands upon with other stories come after each repetition. The speaker is extremely sad because he is no longer with the woman, but there is full of bittersweet memories left inside his mind.

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Another repetition noteworthy is the word “night.” In the second stanza, “the night is starry, and the stars are blue and shiver in the distance.” Here, Neruda creates a heavyhearted night by using the color blue and describes them as far apart. In the third stanza, “the night wind revolves in the sky and sings.” The speaker tells his story how he and his lover used to spend romantic nights “under the endless sky.

” The word “night” is mentioned again in the fifth stanza, where the speaker talks about the night he used to “held her in my arms.” By now, the readers are able to understand his feelings of romantic nostalgia due to someone important is gone forever. By using these repetitions, Neruda successful conveys his endless melancholy and sadness to audiences.Throughout this poem, Neruda uses emotional appeals to illustrate his feelings of losing to his audiences.

In the fourth stanza, the author expression is intensely lyrical: “I loved her, and sometimes she loved me too.” Here, Neruda reveals the pangs of heartbreak through the solitude of night. Furthermore, he paints a scene of him eagerly searching for the girl: “my sight searches for her” and “my heart looks for her,” emphasizing his regret and unwilling of losing the girl. At last, the speaker confesses that love is so short, forgetting is so long.Pablo Neruda shows his pain and suffering on losing the woman he loved in his poem “Tonight I Can Write” by using repetition and emotional appeals.

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