Too Much Love, Fame and Hatred

“In major news today leading American All-star baseballer, Joshua McKendry has been found dead in his Seattle home this morning. McKendry’s extravagant life of girls on the go, fast cars and stories of heavy drinking and drugs have seen his life come to an abrupt end. At the moment police have limited suspects, but a police spokesman said today that there would be a serious inquest into the cause of the death.

” There was the news. Champion baseballer Josh McKendry found dead in his flat. The world was in shock, as he was a major American idol; not only to baseball fans but to sports fans in general.There were rumors that McKendry had links with drugs and binge drinking, none that had serious facts towards them. The world was in mourning, demanding answers; yet no answers were there. Inquests, autopsies and forensic tests were carried out into McKendry’s death; and found a series of clues that were seen to be a pivotal point in the finding of the cause of his sudden death. Explicit drugs were found in his body, seen as a drug cocktail of ecstasy, cocaine and a bunch of amphetamines, a deadly dose according to experts.

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Detectives on the case believed that in pre-examination of the case, that the cause of the death of McKendry was suicide.This shocked the world; rumors flew out about his drug use; in a way McKendry was all of a sudden defamed of his celebrity status. However, although people had already come to their conclusion that the once ‘American Sport Star’ had commit suicide there were other reasons to believe that the death of the baseballer was otherwise. There were three separate blood types that were found on the floor using extreme forensic utilities; involving an extremely powerful light that reveals liquids or stains on wooden floors, which revealed drips of blood.The new clues baffled detectives; finding no links to how the blood would have got there, besides a gash on McKendry’s face, that they decided was from perhaps a strike or blow to the face. It was decided that the person who had tried to kill or cover up the blood had the floor boards professionally lacquered to cover up the stains.

Police tracked the person who did the lacquer job and then proceeded to trace the woman whom had requested the job. The woman’s name was Kessiah Moran.This was a major lead in the mysterious case of McKendry’s death. The woman, who had hired the lacquerer to do the job, was one of McKendry’s continual girlfriends; who it was found that he was leaving an exorbitant amount of money. This was seen as an extreme amount of cause for a reason to murder her lover. Kessiah Moran was arrested two days later. The other blood on the floor was found to be another of McKendry’s lovers.

This gave a new twist to the death of McKendry. The other woman’s blood was that of Josephine Molloy.She denied that she had anything to do with the murder of McKendry and when queried about how her blood that had been collected on the floor she said that they used to make rough love and that it must have gotten there that way.

The case is going nowhere, there are two suspects, who both have alibis, that are not fully explainable but reasonable; and both their blood is on the floor. To add even more of a twist to the case, sources have revealed that Kessiah Moran and Josephine Molloy were enemies and loathed each other, which ruled out the possibility of them working together.After all was almost too much for the force, a vital clue which could have perhaps helped the team in solving the bewildering death, skin of Josephine Molloy’s was found in the nails of McKendry, meaning that the couple had either made serious contact throughout the last hours of McKendry or was a result of the sexual contact that they had mentioned. This being the biggest lead in the case to date, there was a major swoop and suddenly there were two of McKendry’s ex-lovers in custody. Both suspects, both bloods were on the floor of the apartment and both denying at all claims.During a major questioning session, both women said that they believed that one another had committed the murder and that they definitely would never do such a thing. Eventually the police had no choice but to release Kessiah Moran with not enough evidence to convict her of having anything to do with the death of McKendry.

Eventually Josephine Molloy was arrested and charged with manslaughter, which gave surprise to her as she was devastated about the death of her ex-lover and the fact that she could go to jail for something that she believed she didn’t do.During the case in court there was a significant revelation in that one of Kessiah Moran’s friends had confessed to police that she was approached by Moran to help her get rid of McKendry because he had ‘ruined her life and she wanted his money’. The case was suspended for an indefinite amount of time; yet Molloy was kept in custody.

All along while keeping to her word that she was innocent and had no part in the murder. Molloy shockingly came out and confessed that she was forced by Moran to feed the cocktail of drugs to McKendry, otherwise she would kill her.The reason describing a still open gash in her head, due to telling Moran that she would not do it. With a long sharp piercing needle, Moran jabbed and stabbed into the arm of Molloy, twice, and then pushing the contents of heroin that slowly seemed to fill her head with depression. Molloy lost control of her body and became uncoordinated and in a state of sexual frustration where she would do anything that she was told.

McKendry passed out after a non-lethal dose of drugs was tied up, relentlessly sleeping and watching on.Moran with such an intense threatening and eccentric tone demanded that she feed the pour down McKendry’s throat the contents that were mixed in a glass of bourbon. Molloy, standing clumsily refused without knowing what was in the diamond detailed glass that sparkled with every movement. “Do it bitch! I’ll kill you! ” screamed Moran, unrelenting with her thoughts.

Once more, Molloy refused and with vented anger Moran smashed an empty glass over the head of Moran. Moran fell flaccid to the floor, with blood dripping out of her head and onto the floor.Moran picked her up and focused her on trying to get her and talking her into doing the deadly deed. The heroin fix had completely kicked in now, also being hit over the head had made her very vulnerable to any actions and with no thoughts, and Moran talked her into feeding him the cocktail. Moran persuaded her to do the deed so that he could ‘wake up’ and have sex with her. The reason for giving him the cocktail had made Molloy keen to empty the contents down his throat, due to her lack of knowledge in the drink and her reason to wake him up she went through with it.

Molloy leaned the glass on his lips, with the glass glistening, opened his mouth and poured the fluid down his throat, seeing the fluid and murky contents at the bottom go down beyond his tonsils and leading to his death. Once all the fluid had been forced into his stomach, Moran let out an evil laugh and screamed with what could be seen as a psychopath. “You have just killed your lover! You’re lover! You’re lover! ” Moran screamed with insanity. “Huh? What do you mean? He is going to wake up and make love to me like you said! ” yelled Molloy trying to reassure herself.You have just forced Josh to drink a cocktail of drugs that is going to make him never wake up! ” Kessiah said with a tone that would make anyone shiver with fear and hatred. At that point as soon as Kessiah Moran had finished her last squeak out of her voice, McKendry rose and grabbed Josephine and kissed her passionately. Josephine gracefully accepted the passionate gesture by McKendry, proceeding to lie on top of him. To Kessiah’s dismay, she quickly reacted on her instincts and pulled the couple apart and spanked McKendry in the face, drawing a gash across his cheekbone with a dash blood trickling.

McKendry is forced onto the floor, with Josephine thrown clumsily off McKendry. With rage and emotion McKendry, picked himself up as if he weighed a ton and very sluggishly stumbled over to Kessiah and hit her. With blood spilling from the lip of Kessiah’s, McKendry was stumbling and with his eyes flickering like a clown, he fell so heavily. McKendry fell almost in slow motion, looking like a big bear just being shot or tranquilized and hit the ground so hard that there must have been concussion suffered.

Kessiah’s mood had changed somewhat and both women stood starring at McKendry until Kessiah made a swift move for the door. “Remember bitch, you killed him! You killed him! ” Kessiah reminded Josephine with a snicker. Josephine stood there dismayed and what she was looking at. Heroin was trickling through her veins. A feeling that she had never felt before; it was unexplainable. She stood there for realistically a minute or two; too limp to move. Finally as she gathered her thoughts of what she had just done she felt so insecure, lonely, depressed and scared that she just ran.

Josephine ran for kilometers until she finally reached her destination. It was not the police station but her home. She cried herself to sleep that night, with two new feelings. The feelings that she was feeling were that of heroin floating through her and the fact that she had just killed someone.

The contrasts of feeling were great. While lying in bed, two girls were thinking the totally opposite thoughts. One was scared stiff and did not know what to do; and another had felt like she had just completed an achievement, a goal of some sort.

Josephine Molloy was acquitted of the murder of Joshua McKendry; after her confession was seen to a defense to the murder. Josephine testified against the woman she feared to look into her eyes. Vividly she can recall the terror and rage from that night that has temporarily stopped her life.

Nightmares are a reoccurrence and daily depression is just anticipated. Kessiah Moran was sentenced to 25 years in prison for her wrongdoings on the night that caused three lives to be deteriorated.

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