Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay BY Trek-N0Geek The tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, It is even harder that the any of your bones; however, it can also be destroyed by acid and buildup of bacteria. This causes the enamel too dissolve and/or decay. The purpose of the tooth’s enamel is to protect your teeth from damage. However, when you chew your risk damaging your teeth because you grind on each particle so that you are able to swallow the food that you are eating, Majority of the time the enamel is hard enough to prevent damage while eating.

The enamel may be hard to the surface but it can asily crack and/or chip, if food gets stuck between the crevasses of your teeth and hardens. Tooth enamel can be restored, but it is very expensive to get done due to the technology that is used to complete the actions. Teeth of humans are small structures found in the mouth and are used to break down food. The roots of teeth are embedded in either the upper Jaw or lower Jaw and are covered by gums. Teeth are made of many tissues of varying density and hardness.

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Plaque is another part of the teeth enamel that is made up of saliva, food particles, bacteria, and other substances that come in contact of your teeth threw chewing. It is ost prominent on the grooved chewing surfaces of back molars, Just above the gum line on all teeth, and at the edges of fillings. Plaque and calculus irritate the gums, resulting in gingivitis and ultimately periodontitis In some cases the bacteria in plaque turns food starches into acid which erodes teeth. During this process the acidy plaque starts to eat away the healthy minerals in the tooth enamel.

This causes the enamel to wear and tear and become pitted. Food and drinks are the most common cause of tooth erosion due to the acidic level. Generally foods and drinks with a pH 5. 0-5. 7 have been known to trigger teeth erosion/ decay. There have been numerous researches in clinical trials and reports that have linked erosion to excessive consumption of drinks. Other beverages that pose are soft and fruit drinks, fruit Juice (orange Juice) which contains citric acid, and carbonated drinks.

Wine has also been another beverage that has been known to stain teeth with the pH of 3. 0-3. 8; other possible sources of erosive acids are from exposure to chlorinated swimming pool water, and regurgitation of gastric acids. The lower you go down the pH scale 06} the substance is an acid therefore they are harmful to consume this causes your teeth to erode. Acidic drinks and foods lower he pH level of the mouth, so consuming those high acidic levels causes the teeth to demineralize.

For example, orange and apple Juice are tasty and healthy for you and your children; however, their citrus acidic level are high and constantly drinking those Juices, it will do permanent damage to a person gorgeous smile. Children teet sta n rt to decay at a very young age such as birth. Some children start getting gum and tooth infections between the age of 0-3, due to the lack of teeth brushing and wiping gums to remove and plaque. Children teeth are more sensitive than adult teeth are; kids play and mistreat their teeth all the time.

In example, they sometime refuse to brush their teeth, eat lemons or limes, and grind their teeth. These all pose a major threat to their tooth care and why so many kids have to get cavity fill in or silver and/or gold caps to cover up rotten teeth that has decayed When it comes to infants parent have to find ways to put their child to sleep and majority of the time they will stick a bottle in their mouth to relax them in to going to sleep; however what parent does not realize that those liquids that are in those bottle contain sugar that can sit in your child teeth and poses a serious risk of major tooth decay.

In early development of children it is very bad to start off with tooth decay because it leads to years of treatment from physicians. Some children get plaque on their gums before they start to teeth and this puts them at risk of early gum diseases that can be fatal to their health. Saliva acts as a buffer when it comes to regulating the pH when acidic drinks are ingested. Some drinks vary in their resistance to the buffering effect of salvia. Studies have shown that fruit Juices are most likely to resist saliva buffering effect.

In example fruit based carbonated drinks and flavored mineral waters, non-fruit based arbonated drinks, sparkling mineral waters. Everything that we eat has acid in them, some acids are weak and others are pretty strong. When the acid in foods gets in our teeth they can reduce the thickness of the tooth enamel and change in texture, shape, and appearance of your teeth. This action makes your teeth become more sensitive and receptive to mare pain of cold or hot particles.

When the tooth enamel is exposed to acid from food, beverages, and/or the stomach it temporally softens some of the mineral content. The saliva will attempt to help neutralize acidity and restore the mouth’s natural balance. It will also slowly began to harden the tooth enamel; however, because the tooth enamel repair process is extremely slow and acid attacks happen a lot more frequently than you would think and/or hope so the enamel does not get adequate enough time to heal back to its normal density. Acid are not only in Just what you eat it is also in your mouth from previous encounters.

Your mouth sometimes holds and retains acidic beverages in the mouth and prolonging the acid exposure on the teeth, which increases the risk of tooth erosion. What people do not realize that swishing acidic beverages around in your outh like you do mouths wash; the acid from the beverage can be caught in the nooks and crannies of your teeth and gums, thereof putting you in further risk of damaging your teeth due to acid erosion. Most people think about vitamin D and how it is good for your bones; however, they forget all about the Jaw bones imbedded under your teeth.

Most gum diseases affect the mouth in a bad way and they decrease the bone density. When the density this causes your teeth to become weak and agile, and you are unable to your food properly. During a days Journey the teeth go through a lot of hardship. From the time you wake up in the morning you brush your teeth and get them ready for the normal day torture of food and beverages. You start of by eating breakfast and a little drink to wash it down, then you continue on with your day and you snack in between meals and later eat lunch.

Once you get home you may decide to brush your teeth again just to get out the bacteria’s that are in your mouth from the morning, then your go on to snack some more and later eat dinner. When you reflect upon your day you have realize that you have put a lot of sugar, bacteria, tooth paste (fluoride), and you ave saliva. All of these features are fghting in your mouth an you are hoping that the saliva and fluoride are doing the best to make sure that your teeth does not began to decay.

But when unfortunate events happen what do you do, who do you turn to for help? You consult your dentist and ask about what is the best tooth paste that you can use to help prevent this event again, and do your regular checkups. When you go for your checkups make sure you ask a lot of questions concerning your dental health and how to maintain the current or better health of your teeth, you will lso need to need to know additional information about tooth decay as well.

And remember attempt to stay away from as many carbonated beverages as much as possible, but you and I both know that is one tricky habit to break. References: http://www. humanaonedental. com/dental-health-articles/tooth-enamel. asp http:// www. webmd. com/oral-health/guide/tooth-enamel-erosion-restoration? page=2 http:// www. pro]ects. ]uliantrubin. com/science_fair_pro]ect/medicine/tooth_decay. html http://2min2x. org/about-kids-teeth/prevent-decay http://2min2x. org/about-kids-teeth/baby-tooth-decay#article http://www. ]oybauer. com/how-food-affects-teeth. aspx


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