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 Topic: Dreams Wikipedia article- Dreams arebased on a variety of factors caused by the human mind.

Wikipedia states thefollowing:  “the content and purpose ofdreams are not fully understood, though they have a topic of scientific speculation,as well as a subject of philosophical and religious interest throughoutrecorded history” The American HeritageDictionary of the English Language,(4thed.).(2009).

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Wikipedia references Sigmund Freud’s book The Interpretation of Dreams (1899), to contribute the theories ofdreams. Freud discussed dreams in full detail and researches the main factorsof the underlying key factors of dreams. The website heavily supports andreferences Freud’s book. Wikipedia uses other authors’ books to retrieve moreinformation about dreams, the website shows various perspectives about thestages of sleep causing dreams. Other sources come into play on Wikipedia, theyfocus on opinions of authors’ books. TheInterpretation of Dreams is a scholarly book written by Sigmund Freud whohas proven facts for and against scientific research.

TheInterpretation of Dreams- The book provides scientific researchabout the human mind, explaining the various triggers sent to the mind whiledreaming. He compares Aristotle’s theories and interprets past research intopresent research adding new theatrical studies into his book. Freud spent yearsrevising the book and came out with new editions to add more information aboutdreams. (Retrieved January 6, 2018 from https://en. the human mind is asleep,dreams occur frequently. Many people try to research what causes dreams, thestages of dreaming, and factors of the dream.

Wikipedia and The Interpretation of Dreams reviewsthese key questions about dreams. The author Sigmund Freud writes methods andtheories providing more of an insight about the topic. The mind tends to forgetthe majority of dreams people experience, on the other hand we remember one ortwo dreams. “Freud developed a psychological technique to interpret dreams anddevised a series of guidelines to understand the symbols and motifs that appearin our dreams.

In modern times, dreams have been seen as a connection to the unconscious mind”(). Research questions:1.    Howcome we forget certain dreams?2.    Why doour dreams occur in ways they do? 3.

    Howlong does an average dream last? OutlineIntro- Dreams have manydifferent meanings and interpretations. There has been numerous studies aboutdreams, research is still developing past and new information found. Resourcesgather philosophies and experiments providing an enhanced understanding aboutdreams. Dreams are caused by three aspects, our minds are triggered in certainways to remember or quickly forget the dreams we have.  1.    Theemotions are one key factor which contributes to the dreams we have. 2.

    Ideasor thoughts are ways dreams occur while the person is sleeping. 3.    Thereare sensations that factor the types of dreams people have. Conclusion- In conclusion manyresearches have spent years studying dreams. Researchers have discovered theunderlying knowledge about dreams. Theories have been proven along with experimentalstudies. The mind partakes in its own way of thinking while people aresleeping. Emotions, ideas, and sensations all play a big factor of what wedream about.

               ReferencesDream. (n.d.) Retrieved January 16, 2018 from Dream Wiki:   https://en., Sigmund, and A. A.

Brill. The Interpretationof Dreams. 3rd ed., CreateSpace Independent PublishingPlatform, 2016.

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