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Last updated: February 15, 2019

Topic: E-Commerce in today’s businessenvironment First Step:Give an introduction.

It should cover:Why have you chosen this topi? cThe impact of this topic on the way businessare doneWhat do you hope to achieve from this paperDo you have any background knowledge aboutthe topic you have chosen? If so, illustrate that before you move on toresearch. Make a brief research on the similar existingsystems and give a brief information on them. (Are there on-shelf softwarepackages? How much do they cost? Are they easily accessible, or widely used?Which software tools are used in them? Etc.

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) How effective are they in the industry youhave chosen? You may use critical success factors to define each system.                  Why have you chosen this topic?The trading of goods and servicesthrough an electronic mean that also involved online support and paymenttransactions covers the definition of an electronic commerce (E-Commerce), B2B,B2C, C2C and similar opportunity help consumer preferences and consumer marketsdeveloping electronic infrastructure for challenges of the future, the topecommerce sites like ( Amazon Seattle, Washington, U.S.

, Alibaba Hangzhou,China, EBay  San Jose,California, United States, Taobao China, Tmall China, FilpkartIndia, Walmart Bentonville,Arkansas, United States, Uber USA  ) revolutionized the industry with theirdisruptive approach of practicing business by exploiting an electronic medium ,after the 2010 the rapid growth of fast internet services the trend of E-commercebusiness goes upward, In India the ecommerce sales revenue is expected toincrease $52301 Million in 2022 that will be the 5th highergenerated revenue across the globe , after the revolution of 3G and 4G servicesin Pakistan the graph of ecommerce trends proceeded upward on double scale ascompare to previous and is expected to grow with the same pace in coming years Around 16.5million Pakistani went online for the first time in history between 2011 and 2016.This Figure accounts to the overall internet users in the country. The arrivalof 3G Fast Pakistan has contributed a lot inconnecting people and increased the internet penetration from 3.5% to 15.7% justin short period of 1.

5 year. Pakistan among top 10 economies interms of its internet users. Pakistan Ranked 9th Globally for its BoomingDigital Economy-UN Reports.  We have elect this subject E-Commercein Today’s Business environments as a result of our diversified  team functioning in several professionalsurroundings in multiple companies feels compatible with this consider  this subject as an constructive document to bethat may facilitate the companies to utilize this data to optimize their E-Commerce domain in a more effective and efficient manner, we believe theprécised content of this document and discussed practices of  leading corporations across the world  with clear processes and methodologies will be prove very supportive topractice the same in native market, we attempt our best to pick and discuss theexamples that are best harmonized with Pakistani marketsIn local perspective thisdocument can offer the insights of best prosperous ecommerce practicesworldwide that will be prove as a scaling edge for corporate sector to spot,assimilate, transform and disseminate the refined information to reconsidertheir ecommerce practices, this document also can be an inspiration for newemerging ecommerce sites observing the success factor of world’s leadingon-line businessEcommerce is not a new element tous, our whole team not solely better-known to this however additionallyexperienced this on different scales whereas victimization to social media like(Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, olx) we have seen variety of ecommercesites offering multiple products and services.

We also have understandings tothe fundamental types of ecommerce i.e. Business-to-Business (B2B) (ALIBABA),Business-to-Consumer (B2C) (AMAZON), Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) (OLX),Consumer-to-Business (C2B) (EBAY), Business-to-Administration (B2A) (SECP),Consumer-to-Administration (C2A) (NADRA)               When someone on search engineslook for a product  best matched resultsare shown by the search engines to direct the seekers to the merchandiser’spage, Search Engines perform an imperative role in e-commerce transformation,with a aptitude to look a product catalog with numerous thousands of records inmicroseconds and to navigate the searcher what He / She looking for . Theseplatforms additionally give further tools for search, like category-basedsearch, faceted search and type-ahead practicality to assist users withnarrowed and centered search results.within the e-commerce trade  Product info Management System could be a verystrategic system, by practicing these techniques Business users do productvaluation and promotions operations ie PIMS boosts seamless Omani channelproduct knowledge rendering control hierarchy structure of Catalog, CategoryProduct and SKU’s.E-Commerce Platform is that thebackbone of entire eco system, that provides all the specified operationalsteps to complete the business, ranging from client registration, login,dashboards, catalog, categories, product listing, product show, wish list,go-cart to order confirmation. Advanced e-commerce platforms have smartcomputer programme, responsive style themes, marketing, artistic management,content management, multi lingual support, multi currency support, reporting,quantifiability and hosting facilities.

Live support , liveconversation  and mass Digital promotingapplications are integrated with e-commerce platform and CRM system to attachbusiness with customers.Address locater Systemwhich helps organizations to authenticate the purchaser shipping address on thefly and merchandise classification system (PRS) that allows client generatedproduct reviews and ratings ar integrated with e-commerce platform.Scam Revealing System notsolely prevents cyber frauds however additionally helps the business by shieldingthe client knowledge, distinguishing smart customers, reducing Chargebacks andinstitution penalties.Multiple charging methods,Digital Wallets and Payment Gateways are integrated with the e-commerceplatform for secured and sleek transactions.Order Management System enablesonline ordering, shipping, supply, demand, and time management to successfully operatethe giant in this industry. Logistic Partner System areintegrated with OMS and e-commerce platform to create unquestionable sleekcompletion of the delivery cycle.Customer RelationshipManagement System connection with individual customers plays an importantrole within the social network driven IT world, with Omni channel clientcommunication, client segmentation, promotions, feedback and client retentionthat is that the key to retail trade that depends on client disbursal.Business Analytics andcoverage Tools assist the executive community on strategic managementselections by providing Business Intelligent (BI) knowledge on clientsegmentation, behavior, disbursal pattern, cross marketing, demand sensing,inventory patterns, safety stock knowledge and sentiment analysis supportedhuge knowledge and machine learning algorithms.

Coverage tools generatedaily/monthly scheduled  reports and specializedCXO level business insight reports.

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