Topic: crash between Spanish state and Catalan nationalism averted

Topic: Nationalism Research Question: What is the source of current event of Cataloniancrisis, why Catalonian’s calls for independence couldn’t get value? NATIONALISMThe term nationalism is visiblefrom the ancient time, but  in the late18th century the term nationalism formalized by national political autonomy.  Nationalism is become most forceful weapon inthe beginning of the 20th C and this is continued into the 21st Century.Nationalism can define in many ways. Lets have a look thegeneral idea of nationalism-  Nationalismis a political, social and economic system that has common sharing ideologiessuch as ethnicity, culture, language, religious identity or a specific identitygroup. CATALAN  NATIONALISMCatalonia is aself-governing body in Spain located on the northeast side of the Iberian cape.It is a community within Spain’s eight communities which has their ownnationals and designated their statue of autonomy.

Catalan nationalism is anideology that declaring Catalans are a nation. Consequently, the opinion oftheir own identity makes their interest to split from Spain. Catalannationalism can be said a unsuccessful attempts to build a federal state in thecontext of the First Republic  in Spain. Inthe 19th century Valenti Almirall I Llozer and some otherintellectuals were participated to restore autonomous state and also worked forrecognition of the Catalan language. The demand for Catalan nation  is ongoing year by year with short pauses.

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THE SOURCE OF CURRENT CRISIS The immensetension between Spanish state and Catalan nationalism are like a come acrossbetween an inevitable force and an immovable object. October 1st, 2017referendum has been cancelled by the Catalan President Carlos Puigdemont,therefore the crash between Spanish state and Catalan nationalism averted for awhile, in which a majority of Catalans voted to separate from Spain. Spanishgovernment at once called for action and declared the decision is illegal. Missing ofany obvious satire, the nationalist newspaper Ara predictable the approachingof independence as “a gradual leap” in the night.

It is not easy to predict what will happen from thecurrent debate. Political inflexibility has given by the Spanish regime, andthe routine of many business industries based in Catalonia willing to rest partof Spain, the Catalan government can unable to realize its promise to establisha free nation-nation. In the meantime, yet, Madrid’s response to the referendumis heavy handed and it is resulted the Spanish state losing authority with many,if not with Madrid’s government but probably with Catalans. The rupture in and among Catalan and Spanish societies hasbroaden.

Theinterest of getting indepence of Catalans are not new, the confrontationsbetween Catalonia and Spanish government continuing through long condition. Thelatest crisis has an episode of many years confrontations between Spain andCatalonia and its stretching back at least 3 centuries. It bears a similarityin the irregular and sometimes brutal clash between Spain and separatistnationalists as of the Basque region, Basque was also banned by the Spanishgovernment in 2008 when they were having an independence referendum. Suchstrong nationals arguing for independence but Spanish state always is heavyhanded to avoid their demands of own state. The doubt is, Why has Spain alwaysexacting seen in the formation of such tough regional nationalisms?SpanishbombsThe story of Catalonia’s domination at the hands of Madridgoes reverse centuries. The symbolic occasion in this description isCatalonia’s conquer at the hands of the Bourbon kings through the War of theSpanish progression. The Crown of Aragon was an branch, Catalonia was back up the Habsburg era nextto the Bourbons, whose restrain of Barcelona in 1714 led to the burden of innercontrol and the defeat of Catalan independence.

However the implied assert thatthere is an exploited Catalan identity ongoing above centuries glosses overqueries of common grade and also the many diverse forms Catalan nationalism hastaken within the years, from federalism to the declaration of Catalonia as analternative model for a corrupt Spain.The origin of modern Catalan nationalism lies as an optionin Spain’s modern financial history. Since a lot of nations in middle, eastern,and southern Europe, the process of economic and social modernization in Spainwas deliberate and asymmetric. The primary parts of Spain to revise in the prematurenineteenth century be the Basque Country and Catalonia, two minor regions whosecultures, language and identities were obviously diverse from those of the restof Spain.

Unlike France, wherever a dominant central state was capable to usewar and education to sublimate racial and linguistic variety keen on a regularnational identity, the feeble Spanish state was not easily capable to declareauthenticity or make sure unity crossways society. Instead of the Madrid’srulers relied on a coalition with minority elites to use force. In theconversation of Catalan nationalism, to facilitate is, the politics of identityhas trumped the politics of division.

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