Torah?The divorce illegitimate, a throwback to pre-Islamic Arabia

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Last updated: March 23, 2019

Torah?The fivebooks of Moses,the foundation of the Jewishfaith. Muslimsbelieve in the Torah as sent from Godby the prophet Moses and it forms part of the Qu’ran but it takes a slightly differentform to counteract the supposed corruption of the Jewish and Christian rewritings.transaction?Any agreedsupply of goods, services, money and so on, from one party to another.Treasury bill rate?The rate of interest paidon a Treasury bill, a risk-free, short-term (maximum one year) bond offered by the USgovernment.Treasury bond rate?The rate of interest paidon a Treasury bond, a long-term (10 to 30 years) bond issued by the USgovernment. Its rate depends on the maturity of the bond.

Treaty of Hudaybiyyah?An importanttreaty in Islamic history between the Prophet Muhammad and his army and theQuraish tribe who controlled Mecca.Muhammad’s army wanted to visit Mecca to perform a pilgrimage, but they were prevented fromentering by the ruling tribe. With Muhammad’s Muslim army camped outside the city anda battle looming that would have benefited neither party, the treaty was madeto allow the Muslims to visit Mecca on their pilgrimage, the spirit of whichhad been an Arabtradition since before the emergence of Muhammad.trend?The net movementof the value of a securityover the medium term, to overcome the often misleading daily fluctuations.triple talaq?A means ofgetting a divorce in Sunni Islam.It involves the husband saying ‘I divorce you’ (‘talaq’) to the wife threetimes. Shi’a Muslimsconsider this means of getting a divorce illegitimate, a throwback topre-Islamic Arabia and expressly forbidden by the Prophet Muhammad butreinstated after his death.

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This type of divorce is indeed banned in manyMuslim-dominated fund?A portfolioof assets run by a fundmanager on behalf of an investor. Trust funds are often set up byparents to ensure the future wealth and stability of their children, to pay fortheir higher education or as a kind of insurance policy to care for them in theevent of the parents’ death.turban?An item ofheadwear consisting of wrapped cloth and worn by men and women around much ofthe Middle East, Africa and India,especially by Muslimsand Sikhs.Two Parts of Faith, the?Thecollective name for sabr(observance of patience and endurance) and shukr (gratitude,thankfulness or acknowledgement).two-step murabaha financing?A means offinancing whereby one bank finances another, giving the less powerful bankfinancing options larger than it would otherwise be granted, or injurisdictions previously closed to it.

typical APR?For any kindof credit, be it a loan, in-store credit option or credit card, the typical APRis the annual percentage rateof interest thatwould apply to a borrowerwith an excellent creditrating. It is therefore the minimum interest that can be expectedin a financial product and is therefore the rate which is often used inmarketing the product. Potential borrowers with negative marks in their credit histories will probably not be ableto qualify for this rate, which makes the phrase controversial among consumerprotection pressure groups.

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