TPCASTT: how to analyze poetry

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Last updated: December 15, 2019
T is for Title
Analyze the title first, “What do you predict this poem will be about?”, write down your predictions.

P is for Paraphrase
Paraphrasing is putting something in your own words, after reading the poem write it in your own words.

C is for Connotation
Analyze the figures of speech and sound effects of the poem, these are the poetry vocabulary we have already studied, these elements add to the meaning.

A is for Attitude
Tone is the attitude of the speaker toward the subject of the poem.

S is for Shift
If there is a change in: time, tone, speaker. This should always be noted as this will affect the meaning.

T is for Title-Again
At this time you should reconsider the title, “Were you right in your predictions?”, What other meanings might the title have in light of your analysis?

T is for Theme
Theme is the meaning or idea conveyed by the author through his/her work, it does not make a judgment, it merely states something that is true to life and the human condition, it goes beyond the subject and is a statement of opinion.

How do I find the theme?
Look at the other parts of the TPCASTT. What insight are all of these working together trying to convey?What is the poet trying to say about life?

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