Traditional individual, organizational and social objectives are achieved.”

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 Traditional sources of competitive advantages likefinancial resources, manufacturing capacity and the Vass amount of resource available to an organisation are notsufficient enough for the organisation to succeeded, maybe still verynecessary, but without proper management of Human resources an organisationwon’t have a competitive advantage in this modern age. Strategic humanresources management is a strategy in where the organisation uses the employeein order to gain most efficiency and productiveness by hiring and managing askilled workforce (Mello, J.A.

2006, ). Human resources have become themost important part of a company and key to gain competitive advantage due itbeing the new source of wealth meaning that organisations exploit it in orderto meet core competencies. HRMs definition is so me what complicated, as it’s aterm known popular around the work but people yet to agree on one fulldefinition or even what it consists of (Beardwell, J. & Thompson, A. 2014, ) EdwinFlippo Defines it as “planning, organizing,directing, controlling of procurement, development, compensation, integration ,maintenance and separation of human resources to the end that individual,organizational and social objectives are achieved.” (Flippo, E.

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B. 1968,)as authors and writers haven’t come up with a puredefinition and some literature states that the lack of definition of the termand managers allowing themselves, to make sense of it is what made humanresource management so popular, Mabeys theory states that what saw throughexperiencing HRM and concluded that it has more of an impact as managers canshape HRM how they want without following any strict regulated rules due to thebroad definition.( Mabey, C., Skinner, D. & Clark, T. 1998) This literature reviewwill aim to provide how organisations can gain substantial competitiveadvantage with valuable understanding and the strategic management of humanresources and the roles of recruitment and selction and traning and development.

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