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                      The reasons behind the lack or inadequateprenatal care are complex and varying 11. Women with low educationlevel may not be able to obtain a well-paying job with time off for a healthcare visit and also, they might be living in a neighborhood with poor assess topublic transportation 12. Women with 12 or more year of educationare more likely to begin prenatal care early

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Under the strategic planning ASML is trying to reconfigurethe warehouse network in order to increase service level towards its customers.Reconfiguring the warehouse network, ASML is Presently considering to optimizeits warehouse network. With a view to look into the benefits of using Llamasoft, ASML has considered to optimize regionalwarehouse network in China. The objective behind usingdiscrete event simulation is to determine an optimal warehouse networkconfiguration that minimizes ASML’s total transportation and warehousing

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The lymphatic system acquires a complex chain of vessels, tissues, and organs. So, how do vessels, tissues, and organs work together in unison to get rid of waste in the body and help defend the body against infection? There are hundred of lymph nodes in the human body, they are located around the heart and lungs. Some are closer to the surface such as the groin and arm. The spleen,

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Cell structure and itscomponents Cell:Human body is made upof several small units called cells.  Thecell is a basic structural and functional unit of all living organisms.The cell was discoveredby the scientist Robert Hooke.The name was taken fromthe Latin;’cellula’ means “a small chamber”. Classificationof cells:Typeof cells:1. Prokaryotic cell.2. Eukaryotic cell.Prokaryoticcell:A cell that does notcontain membrane-bound organelles and a well defined nucleus is called aprokaryotic cellIt is known as simplecell.Example: Bacteria.Eukaryoticcell:A cell that

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