Maths Coursework

I will treat the aircraft as a particle, instant and constant speed will be assumed, take of and landing times will be ignored. The aircrafts speed will be affected by the speed and direction on the wind. As we assume the aircraft speed, wind speed and direction will be constant; we can use vector diagrams to work out how long the journey will take. I will have my first base

Individual Sports

le jogging jogging le patinage ice skating le patin a roulettes roller skating le roller in line roller blading le skate(board) skateboarding le ski skiing le ski nautique waterskiing le surf surfboarding le velo cycling le VTT mountain biking l’escalada (feminine) rock climbing la marche a pied hiking la gymnastique gymnasatics l’equitation (feminine) horseback riding la natation swimming la voile sailing la planche a voile windsurfing

Bowie years which is a bit difficult to

Bowie knife has a history of about 200 years which is a bit difficult to confirm. We only know that there was a man having name Jim Bowie, who designed this knife to be portable fighting knife and he used this knife once in a fight to kill another man. ……. But definitely, you are not here to read the detailed history about this awesome knife.So,You can say that, bowie

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