Tuck everlasting study guide and notes

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Last updated: May 9, 2019
How often did Miles and Jesse visit their parents?
Every 10 years.

2Who was the oldest of the two sons?

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3Who is the author of Tuck Everlasting?
Natalie Babbit

4What is the climax of the story?
The stranger’s arrival at the Tuck’s house.

5How old did Winnie live to be?

6.Why was the stranger so interested in the spring?
Greed= he wanted to sell the water.

7.What ONE fact do Angus Tuck and the stranger both believe about the spring water?
Both believed it made you live forever; people would go crazy for it.

8.What is different about Angus Tuck’s and the stranger’s opinions of the spring water?
Stranger- didn’t mind eternal life and wants to see it.

Angus- should be a secret so that life would stay natural.

9.Why does Mae commit the murder and what do you think about the actions?
She was protecting Winnie and the secret.


After reading the Epilogue, we discover that Winnie lived from 1870 to 1948. We also know that Jesse is really 104 years old and that he met Winnie when she was 10 in year 1880.

Using this information, estimate the year the Tuck’s drank the water.
1880(present)-104(how old Jesse was)=1776 Jesse’s birth year +17(when he drank the water)=1793Late 1770’s

1. Natalie Babbit


treegap; August2. woods and meadow3. villiage; touch-me-not cottage4. giant ash tree

1. hints at something to come2.

prolouge- 3 events3. spring- if found, the world would lose balance

Tuck family
1. mom- Mae2.

sons- Miles and Jesse3. dad- Angus “Tuck”

Foster family
1. Winnie (Winifred)2. Grandma, mom and dad all live together3. protecive4.

Grandfather has passed away5. live in “touch-me-not cottage” and own the wood

The stranger
1. yellow suit, black hat, and beard2. awkward- stares at people3. mysterious4. looking for a family


wants to run away2. 10 yeras old3. talks to toad4. crush on Jesse

1. 17 years old (actually 104)2. Winnie finds him “glorious”3. never been maried

1. Jesse’s older brother2.

22 when he drank the spring water3. was maried with 2 kids4. wife took kids and left him- thought he had sold his soul to the devil

the wood
1.tree at the middle with a spring for a base, covered in pebbles2.

Winnie found Jesse drinking the water3. Jesse tells Winnie not to drink it4. Winnie goes looking for the elves/music

Music box
1. owned by Mae Tuck2.

plays an old melody3. takes it every where with her4. Grandmother thinks its music from elves- she hasn’t heard it in 10 years

Ponce de Leon
1. discoverd the real Fountain of Youth2.

St. Augustine, Florida

1. the Tuck’s take Winnie away to tell her the secret2. Mae takes her on the horse3. man in the yellow suit is following

Tuck’s house

squalid, messy, dirty, old, small, peculiar2. mouse lives in the drawer3. make and sell things that they made out of wood4. Miles and Jesse return every 10 years5.Winnie stays on couch; it is lumpy and rough

the secret

the Tuck’s want to keep Winnie from telling others about the fountain2. Angus Tuck takes her to the pond3. Winnie- still confused and upset anout dying4. horse is stolen by the stranger

1. giving human qualities to a non-human object2. “the pond’s got the answers” (pg. 59)


comaring 2 things2. “It’s a wheel, turning..

. and never stoping (pg.62).”3. Wheel is compared to life

1. main charaters; who are you rooting for2.

Winnie and Jesse3. Jesse asks Winnie to drink from the fountain at 17, meet up with him, and then they will marry

1. charater who is going against the main charater2. the stranger/man in the yellow suit3. deal with the Foster’s- exchange of Winnie for their land (the woods)4. sly, sneaky, arrogant


sheriff2. stranger tells him about Winnie’s kidnapping3. Lets the stranger ride ahead to the Tuck’s house4. fat, lazy, lofty, pride

1. Winnie goes fishing with Miles2. talk about his family3.

Miles catches one, but Winnie makes him throw it back

1. Stranger shows up at the Tuck’s house2. tells them that he knows the secret from his grandmother (she knows from Miles’s ex-wife and children)3. Stranger has developed his life to findinmg the truth4. Stranger is going to make Winnie drink the spring water so he can show her off5. Mae hits him with a shotgun and constable sees6.

Mae might be hanged in the gallows if the stranger dies=BAD

Back to treegap
1.Constable takes Winnie home2. Stranger dies3. Jesse shows up with a bottle of the spring water4.

Winnie joins the plan to help Mae escape

Mae’s escape
1. Miles removes the nails from the window2. Mae and Winnie excahnges places

2 weeks after jail incident
1. Winnie’s friends like her now that she is a “figure of romance” and not “too clean.2.

Winnie pours the whole bottle of the spring water on the toad to save him from the dog

1.1950- Mae and Tuck return to Treegap2. town is civilized and has lots of buisnesses3. electrical fire from lighting strike 3 years ago in the wood, and the tree split in half4.Tuck finds Winnie’s grave- she died 2 years ago5.Winnie was a wife and a mother, dies at 786.

Tuck and Mae sees the toad on the way out of town

important dates
1. Story begins in – August2. Miles and Jesse every – 10 years3. Tuck’s first drank the spring water- late 1700’s4.Mae and Angus return to treegap- 70 years after Mae’s escape from jail5.Winnie lived to be – 78 years old

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