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turn its single point agenda of crippling India to avenge to name just two reasons, Kashmir and East Pakistan.Author further describes the smart strategy of Musharraf’s first acts of courting the mullahs, he offered the Kashmir to the mullahs and told them he would extend all help for their Kashmir Jihad. The mullahs who were fast losing ground to democracy and liberal religious beliefs found an able and willing ally in the General. Madrasas and mosques flourished, Mullashs became regular visitors to the president’s house, Madrasas and mosques became recruitment and training centers motivating youngsters to join the jihad, luring them with an attractive salary and a place in the heaven.

Wilson highlights the whole scenario of Training camps that were set up with the help of the Pakistan Army and ISI and funds earned from drug trafficking were diverted to these centers of terrorism, blackmailing the International community in supporting Pakistan economically and strategically, The two main terrorist out fits Jaish –e-Muhammad and Lahkar-e-Tayyeba was given full support by Musharraf their recruits received best commando training. Both were established to create mayhem in the Kashmir valley and force India to come to the discussion table with Pakistan. Two other outfits promoted and supported by the Musharraf regime were Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Sipah-e-Saheba of Pakistan both promised to rid kafirs (infidels) from the Pakistan society they were rabidly anti-Shia. Their agenda was to make Pakistan an Islamic state.Wilson tells musharrafs tactics and cleverness even from a rank of a Brigadier when assigned a task from General Zia-ul-Haq to train mujahideens recruited by various religious organizations to fight soviet troops in Afghanistan it was during those days that Musharraf first met a Saudi civil engineer who was keen to help the cause of jihad with money and muscle, The CIA brought him to construct the bunkers for mujahideens the contractor with whom Musharraf had close working relationship was Osama Bin Laden.In the last chapters he elaborates how Musharraf had been grabbed in the plot that he had made for others and he realizes his precarious position very well when he talks of help to the US forces he is trying to find an escape route for himself. He wants US to lift the economic sanctions on his country, give him unconditional support to claim Kashmir from India and the last option of a safe haven in case he finds himself overthrown and imprisoned by a strong internal sentiment against his policies.In my opinion the book is very detailed profile of Musharraf’s era especially the Jihad and Terrorism he highlights every detail and many hidden and secret facts and plans, overall the book contains much information but Wilson doesn’t seems rational in describing the whole scenario he is to some extent biased might because he is an Indian, In the whole book he accuses Pakistan as a terrorist state and presents the blur and pessimist image of Pakistan without rational arguments and reasons  making high level allegations to Pakistan Army and ISI and represents them as the puppet of USA but in all these mere proclamations he doesn’t bothers to provide even a single reference from where revealed the High level information and the accusations to him that he made publically.

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He describes all the organization that are working and struggling for the cause of Kashmir as terrorist but he forgets that One Man’s Terrorist is Another Man’s Freedom Fighter.

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