;Two Kinds; – Literature

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Last updated: May 3, 2019
Whom does the narrator’s mother want her to be like?
the narrator’s mother wants the narrator to be like a successful movie star (like Shirley Temple)

What are the mother’s motives for taking her daughter to beauty training school?
the mother’s motive is to make the narrator look like a famous movie star so that she too will become a child prodigy

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Why is the mother interested in stores about remarkable children?
because the mother believes anything is possible in America.

She thinks her daughter can do whatever the remarkable children she reads about do

What would the narrator and her mother do every night after dinner?
the narrator’s mother would test the narrator’s knowledge of different to pics in order to find a hidden talent

why does the mother decide that the narrator should play the piano?
the mother sees a young Chinese girl play piano on TV. She thinks her daughter can learn to play even better

What was one of the first conflicts between mother and daughter?
the mother wants the daughter to keep taking tests to develop her talents, and the daughter is bored and wants to stop

What was the arrangement between Mr. Chong and the mother?

Chong gives piano lessons to the narrator in exchange for the mother to clean Mr. Chang’s apartment (because the mother couldn’t pay for it)

What does this reveal about the mother?
this reveals that the mother is stubborn and determined and she found a clever way to get what she wanted

What useful info does the narrator learn about Mr. Chang?
the narrator learns that Mr. Chang is deaf and that his eyes are too slow to catch her mistake when she plays

What motivates the daughter to play badly?
the daughter plays badly because she can get away with it; she also wants herself, or not what her mother imagines her to be

Describe Waverly Jong
she is the same age as the narrator, with whom she has grown up. she is known as Chinatown’s youngest chess champion. The narrator doesn’t like her.

Waverly has won many trophies for chess and is always playing. she appears to actually have a talent at chess, but most importantly she works hard at it

What do the narrator’s mother and Auntie Linda discuss?
the 2 women discuss their respective daughters. bragging about how talented each one is

What was the mother feeling as she listens to her daughter’s performance in the talent show?
the mother was horrified. her dream of glory for her daughter is being shattered in front of her friend

How did the narrator feel at the talent show?
the narrator plays many wrong notes. Only her deaf piano teacher applauds

How does the narrator feel about her performance at the talent show?
the narrator is angry and ashamed of her performance at the talent show

the mother said there was only two types of daughters.

What were they?

“Those who are obedient and those who follow their own minds.” Mother said, “Only obedient daughters can live in this house.”

What gift does the narrator receive for her 30th birthday?
the mother gives the narrator the piano for her 30th birthday. The narrator believes it is a sign of forgiveness

What are the titles of the two pieces in the Schman book that the daughter plays at the end of the story?
The titles are “Pleading Child” and “Perfectly Contented.”

In what ways do the titles and pieces reflect the daughter’s feeling about herself?
the grown up author realizes that the two piano pieces are two parts of the same whole, just as the parts of her character make up the same whole. The “dark little piece” “Pleading Child” is like her as a child, but “Perfectly Contented,” with its lighter, faster melody is like her as an adult

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