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Myimpetus for pursuing Honors in Governance and Public Administration was never achance occurrence. Growing up in a third-world country with one-third of itspopulation below poverty line, I was captivated by the evidence of impact govt. policies and schemes created on innumerable aspects of life–from infantmortality to foreign trade. My discussions about public sector developmentswith my grandfather, who was a Rank 1 officer in Indian Administrative Service,furthered my interest in the

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ITCS3190-001 Homework -1Survey Report: Big Data   I.INTRODUCTIONBy Big data we refer exactly to what itsown name indicates: to the treatment and analysis of huge repositories of data,so disproportionately large that it is impossible to treat them withconventional database and analytical tools. This trend of large amount of datais caused by web pages, image and video applications, social networks, mobiledevices, apps, sensors, the internet of things, etc.  Figure.1 The four Vs

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In this experiment, bothmethods produced results within a +/-10% margin of error from the expectedacetaminophen concentration, which is in line with current pharmacologicalguidelines. However, the standard addition method (SA) produced a result foracetaminophen concentration that was 2.7% lower than the result produced by thecalibration curve (CC) method. As both results fall within the +/-10% errorallowed by pharmacological guidelines, determining which method gave the moreaccurate result would require further research with

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RIT Computer Science Capstone Report 21711 | P a g eDestructible Buildings for Disaster Simulations in Virtual RealityAishwary PramanikDepartment of Computer ScienceGolisano College of Computing and Information SciencesRochester Institute of TechnologyRochester, NY [email protected]— In recent years, Virtual Reality has been used for simulation and visualization of the effects of natural disasters such as earthquakes and violent storms. This project is a step towards the creation of such a pedagogical system

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