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Kelly impulsiveness and feelings of hope, elation, and

          Kelly GregusED PSYCH 844ODD Research PaperDue 12/15/2017                 Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)Introduction            TheDSM-V defines Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) as a pattern ofangry/irritable mood, argumentative/defiant behavior, or vindictiveness lastingat least six months with an individual who is not a sibling (AmericanPsychological Association, 2013).  Theliterature on ODD prevalence varies, but a meta review by Lahey et al. (1999) found a median prevalencerate of 3.2%.   It is not unusual forindividuals with ODD to show

(Eaves However true it might be, many studies

(Eaves D, 2008)The grid represents the extent to which social contextlimits or regulates the conduct of an individual towards nature. This gridconsists of the Hierarchist, the Individualist, the Egalitarian and theFatalist as the main characters. The Individualist have very firm views about nature. They feel nature resemblesnature as strong, but harmless. They feel nature is at its original state evenwith changes in the surroundings.The Hierarchist views nature as trustworthy but

Literary Quiz #4: Types of Poetry

narrative poetry poem that tells a story ballad simple narrative poem imitating the language of a traditional song ballad epic long poem about the adventures of a hero lyric poetry poem expressing the emotions and thoughts of a single speaker dramatic monologue poem in which the speaker addresses a silent audience elegy mournful, contemplative lyric poem for someone who died haiku three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables

Literary Terms 1-77

Ad hominem argument From the Latin meaning “to or against the man,” this is an argument that appeals to emotion rather than reason, to feeling rather than intellect. Allegory The device of using character and/or story elements symbolically to represent an abstraction in addition to the literal meaning. Alliteration The repetition of sounds, especially initial consonant sounds in two or more neighboring words ( as in ” she sells sea

Literary Features

Abstract 1) Used as a noun, the term refers to a short summary or outline of a longer work. 2) As an adjective applied to writing or literary works, abstract refers to words or phrases that name things not knowable through the five senses. Ex: “idea,” “guilt” “honesty,” and “loyalty.” Aestheticism A literary and artistic movement of the nineteenth century whose followers believed that art should not be mixed with

Types of Poetry

NARRATIVE POETRY a poem that tells a story; may be short or long, simple or complex Ballad a simple narrative poem imitating the language, form, and spirit of a traditional song, such as Keats’s “La Belle Dame sans Merci” Epic a long poem about the adventures of a hero of great historic or legendary importance; the setting is vast and the action may have cosmic significance through the intervention of


Apathetic Feeling or showing little emotion Arrogant Bumptious Audacious fearless and daring Bilious bad tempered; cross Blithe joyful, cheerful, or without appropriate thought Bombastic pompous in speech and manner Brash (adj.) prone to act in a hasty manner; impudent Breezy lively and cheerful and relaxed Cantankerous Bad-tempered; quarrelsome. Caustic biting in wit Coarse conspicuously and tastelessly indecent Colloquial Characteristic of ordinary conversation rather than formal speech or writing Complacent Self-satisfied;

Metaphysical Poetry Characteristics

Argumentative structure The poem often engages in a debate or persuasive presentation; the poem is an intellectual exercise as well as or instead of an emotional effusion. Dramatic and colloquial mode of utterance The poem often describes a dramatic event rather than being a reverie, a thought, or contemplation. Diction is simple and usually direct; inversion is limited. The verse is occasionally rough, like speech, rather than written in perfect

Religion wealth and poverty the need for world development

In the world today there are two types of countries. There are the more developed countries (MDC’s) such as the USA and the UK. Then we have the less developed countries (LDC’s) such as Bangladesh and Mali. There are also countries in the middle that are either struggling to get out of poverty or have suffered damages and losses. These two extremes outline the need for world development.Countries are becoming

The God question

This also begs a semantic yet crucial question; is God a noun or an adjective? Does one worship a God or a being which is God? This, although quite simplistically put this is a very important point. All if not most religions upon asking would state quite bluntly that God was obviously a proper noun, yet looking at the language in a fair few holy books it seems, if on

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